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Dog Snacks Molding Machine


Molded Pet Snacks Equipment is special machinery for producing pet snacks.

Molded Pet Snacks Equipment(Dog Food Machine)

Special machinery for producing pet snacks. 

With such machine, various shapes can be made, such as hedgehog, crocodile, dog, bone, pork ears, barrel, etc. The shapes are very lovely and it is a ideal encouragement to dogs and cats while they learn a new action or do well in some exercises and games. Also, we can provide different recipes to meet various market demands.

Dog Snacks Moulding Machine

Dog Food Machine has the Following Features:

a)Molded Pet Snacks Equipment comes with user-friendly microprocessor controller with these following features;

b)Dust, oil proof and colorful touch switch control panel. 

c)El display of pressure, speed, time and distance for each motion. 

d)Shut-down device with 100 presets mold data memory. 

e)Equipped with 4 stages injection, 3 stages holding pressure and 3 stages back pressure. 

f)PID barrel temperature control: temperature abnormal & electrical wire disconnection alarm. 

g)SSR-solid state temperature controller. 

h)Screw cold start protection. 

i)Abnormal shot detection. 

j)Output quantity and packaging quantity preset. 

k)Clamping, injection and ejection (option), and carriage action (option) by linear potentiometer. 

l)Screw rotating speed read-out. 

m)Security code function to avoid missing data or careless changing. 

n)Super low pressure clamping ensures security of user, and maintains lifespan of machine efficiently.

Technical Parameters of Dog Food Machine:

ItemName of item UnitQL-280
Injection unitScrew Diametermm60
Screw L/D RatioRatio18.8
Shot Volumemm707
Shot Weightg636

Injection PressureMpa142
Injection Rateg/s239
Plasticizing Capacityg/s49
Screw Speedrpm180
Clamping unitMould Clamping ForceKn2680
Opening Strokemm540
Space Between Tie-barsmm×mm570×570
Max.Mould Thicknessmm600
Min.Mould Thicknessmm220
Ejector Strokemm130
Ejector ForceKn62
Ejector NumberN9
OthersPump Pressurempa16
Pump Motor PowerKw22
Heating CapacityKw14.7
Machine Dimensions(L×W×H)m×m×m6.1×1.5×2.28
Oil Tank CapacityLiter510

Machine WeightTon9.0 

 Dog Food Type

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orijen dog food

vet recommended dog food

holistic vet recommended dog food

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