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Corn Flakes Equiment


Corn Flakes Processing Line produces cereal flakes, both plain or coated. The twin-screw extrusion technology is at the core of this very flexible and scalable process.

Corn Flakes Extrusion Line can produce corn flakes and breakfast cereals, which is the nutritional convenient food. The main materials is corn flour, by adding other nutritional products to realize the nutrition and taste. One outstanding characteristic of the corn flakes is that it contains abundant compound carbohydrates and dietary fibre, strengthens lots of microelements, such as vitamin and mineral, and also can be added with cocoa and sugar, like honey and maltose. It can be drunk directly after mixed into coffee, milk, yoghourt or functional drink. By changing the molds, Corn Flakes Machine could produce breakfast cereals with different shapes and sizes. The whole production line is continuous and automatic with less labor needed.


-- Frequent speed controlling with high automation.
-- Durable stainless steel and special craft.
-- The forced lubrication system ,which can guarantee the equipment transmission life longer.
-- Auto-temperature control system and self-cleaning.
-- It has the widest range of applications and can produce different products with different equipment and models.

Work Flow

Corn Flakes Equiment


Corn Flakes Equiment








25 x 5 x 3m




28 x 5 x 3m

Corn Flakes Equiment

Corn Flakes Equiment

Equipment List

I. Flour Mixer or Double Shaft Mixer

Mixer is used to mix a certain amount of raw materials to a certain amount of water or liquid additives after stirring to reach the full mixing equipment.

Corn Flakes Equiment

II. Double Screw Extruder

Double Screw Extruder could gelatinize flours and starches continuously and automatically, also cook and shape the materials as required shape and size.

Corn Flakes Equiment

III. Flaking Machine

Flaking Machine is used to adjust the thickness of corn flakes as desired. All parts in contact with product in stainless steel.

Corn Flakes Equiment

IV. Multi-layer Roaster

Multi-layer Roaster is used to dry the moisture of the products as requirement. The drying time and temperature can be set, and the heating power can be electric, gas or steam.

Corn Flakes Equiment

V. Toasting Machine

Toasting Machine can inflate the corn flakes giving it the crispy taste and crunchiness.

Corn Flakes Equiment

VI. Sugar Coating Drum

Sugar Coating Drum is to coat the sugar, syrup, honey or chocolate onto the corn flakes or breakfast cereals.

Corn Flakes Equiment

VII. Drying Drum

Drying Drum is used to dry the moisture of the products as requirement. The drying time and temperature can be set.

Corn Flakes Equiment

Company Profile

Corn Flakes Equiment

Jinan Qunlong Machinery Co., Ltd. (shorten as “Dragons Machine”) is the professional manufacturer of all kinds of Snacks Food Machine and Pet Food Machine. Established in year 2004, Dragons Machine has been more than 18 years history with workshop 5000m2 and more than 60 employees, and certified by ISO 9001. As the council member of Chinese North China Pet Industry Association (CNCPIA), and awarded by the National Quality Service Credit AAA Enterprise, Dragons Machine has several kinds of patented products, and could provide customized service. All the machinery from Dragons Machine have been EU CE certified, and have sold to more than 50 countries around the world, like USA, Australia, France, Lebanon, Thailand, Tunisia, Algeria, Italy, Peru, India, etc.

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Corn Flakes Equiment

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Corn Flakes Equiment

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Corn Flakes Equiment

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Corn Flakes Equiment

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