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Pellet Making Machine


Pellet Making Machine has versatile integrated die-face forming and cutting devices are widely integrated in snack pellet lines.

Pellet Making Machine has versatile integrated die-face forming and cutting devices are widely integrated in snack pellet lines

-- These offer significant productivity and quality advantages compared to conventional food pellet making machine, with continuous production, greater flexibility, precision thermo-mechanical parameter control and automation options to produce consistent and innovative products.

-- The Export Model Pellets Making Machine (EMPMM) is one of the offered model of Pellets Making Machines manufactured by Rajkumar. As the name suggests, the EMPMM is a heavy dutymachine fitted with a special gear box. It can be easily used formaking Animal Feed Pellets as well as Biomass Pellets.

-- Versatility to process any type of starch-based raw material


-- Efficient control of melt flow and melt temperature resulting in consistent regularity in pellet dimensions


-- Easy changes in recipes and new product shapes


-- Automation features including recipe management, automatic start up and shut down, temperature regulation control for every module, real time trending display for each process parameter


-- Drastically reduced space requirement when compared to conventional processes.

Work Flow

Pellet Making Machine


Pellet Making Machine








15 x 5 x 3m




18 x 5 x 3m

Degradable Straw Machine

Pellet Making Machine

Main Equipment List

I. Flour Mixer or Double Shaft Mixer

Mixer is used to mix a certain amount of raw materials to a certain amount of water or liquid additives after stirring to reach the full mixing equipment.

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II. Screw Conveyor or Scraper Conveyor

Screw Conveyor or Scraper Conveyor could carry the material inside the sealed stainless steel tube into the feeding machine of the extruder.

Pet Treats Extrusion Line

III. Single Screw Extruder

Single Screw Extruder could gelatinize flours and starches continuously and automatically, also cook and shape the materials as required shape and size.

Pet Treats Extrusion Line

IV. Cutting Machine

Cutting Machine is used to cut the pet treats as required length.

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V. Multi-layer Roaster

Multi-layer Roaster is used to dry the moisture of the products as requirement. The drying time and temperature can be set, and the heating power can be electric, gas or steam.

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VI. Frying Machine

Frying Machine is used to fry the pellets to have inflated.

Pellet Making Machine

VII. Flavoring Machine

Flavoring Machine is used to evenly spray the oil, and coat the seasoning powder to the products.

Puff Snacks Extruding Machine

Customized Service

1. Customized mold to produce different shape and size.

2. Customized layout as the customer’s actual workshop.

3. Customized motor and electric parts, it can be Siemens ABB OMRON, or LIJIU CHNT DELIXI.

4. Customized recipe as the customer’s requirement.

5. Customized voltage as the local voltage.

6. Customized machine materials, SUS 201, SUS 304, SUS 316.

Company Profile

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Jinan Qunlong Machinery Co., Ltd. (shorten as “Dragons Machine”) is the professional manufacturer of all kinds of Snacks Food Machine and Pet Food Machine. Established in year 2004, Dragons Machine has been more than 18 years history with workshop 5000m2 and more than 60 employees, and certified by ISO 9001. As the council member of Chinese North China Pet Industry Association (CNCPIA), and awarded by the National Quality Service Credit AAA Enterprise, Dragons Machine has several kinds of patented products, and could provide customized service. All the machinery from Dragons Machine have been EU CE certified, and have sold to more than 50 countries around the world, like USA, Australia, France, Lebanon, Thailand, Tunisia, Algeria, Italy, Peru, India, etc.

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Why Us


Who are we?


- We are Dragons Machine, the council member of Chinese North China Pet Industry Association (CNCPIA). We have rich experience in Snacks Food Machine and Pet Food Machine, so we are helpful to each customer.


Why us?


- All machines from Dragons have CE Certificate

- Dragons Machine has been certified by ISO 9001

- Patented machinery with high-level technology

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