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Dog Chew Cold Extruder


Dog Chew Cold Extruder serves to cold extrude the mixture materials to form the shape as required mold, thus could produce lecithin dog chew, which is a substance that is known to have some benefits and stimulate memory and learning abilities. Many dog trainers will recommend the administration of lecithin for dogs prior to starting and during a training course. Lecithin can be supplemented in the form of pills, but there are also some natural sources of lecithin that may be given to your dog.

Dog Chew Cold Extruder

7200 x 1200 x 1600mm

- Soft Dog Chew Cold Extruder is an auto processing line can produce dog treat type jerky treats. A wide range of products can be obtained in many different ways, a variety of molds can be quickly configured, and a variety of formulations can be met. With different moulds, various shapes can be made, such as strip, stick, screw shape, etc. Also, we can provide all kinds of recipe to make different tastes to full the demands of pet both for nutrition and chewing hobby. 

- Automatic dosing device for any type of flour and starch with high viscosity and fluidity. Patented tool design allows easy adjustment of cutting speed to obtain different lengths of final product. 

- Soft Dog Chew Cold Extruder was developed by our company in recent years. Combining the habits and health requirements of canines, we use the nutrients of plants to produce pet snack foods of different colors through high temperature and high pressure. 

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