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Meat Jerky Machine


Meat Jerky Machine is equipment for producing jerky treats and meat jerky, suitable for pet food without casing directly baked meat and meat products, widely used in pet food article beef, article chicken, beef rod, chicken rod production and processing.

Jerky is a type of snack made from thin slices of lean meat that have been dried and seasoned. There are a variety of methods for making jerky, including using a dehydrator or an oven, but there are also specialized pieces of equipment available for processing jerky.

Pet Jerky Processing Equipment refers to the machinery and tools used to manufacture pet jerky treats, which are dried strips of meat or other protein-rich ingredients intended for feeding to pets.

Meat Jerky Machine is equipment for producing jerky treats and meat jerky, suitable for pet food without casing directly baked meat and meat products, widely used in pet food article beef, article chicken, beef rod, chicken rod production and processing.  Contact us.

Dog jerky

Dog jerky treats are a type of snack made from dried meat, usually beef, chicken, or turkey. They are often marketed as a high-protein, low-fat treat for dogs. Some people give their dogs jerky treats as a way to reward good behavior or to provide a tasty snack between meals.

Dogs are hard to resist and there is a wide variety of snacks available for dogs. Of course, before preparing a tasty treat for your dog, we must not only consider the nutritional value and suitability. We also need to choose the right ones.

  • After all, dogs can't just eat the same food for the rest of their lives, and having more choices not only satisfies their mouths, but also enriches their lives. However, it is not necessary to give your dog jerky on a daily basis; jerky treats should be used as a reward, not as a "necessity" or "essential". Be especially careful not to substitute treats for meals, as this can have serious "consequences".

  • Jerky Strip Machine is made from high quality 304 stainless steel, corrosion resistance, with high quality in intensity, reliable and durable, convenient cleaning, adopt gear two-way extrusion type structure, with high pressure, rotation smoothly.

  • Turkey Jerky Machineadopts step-less speed control, more suitable for your job requirements. Additional materials pushing device, particularly applicable to input materials.

  • It is necessary equipment for pet food zero article bare rods meat processing line.

  • While changing different molds, meat strip’s size and shape can be changed, such as round, square, triangle, heart etc.

  • The output speed of Pet Munchy Machine can be adjustable to meet different shape and materials.

  • The speed of Meat Treats Machine’s conveyor can be adjustable to meet different output

It is important to carefully select and maintain pet jerky processing equipment in order to ensure the quality and safety of the finished product. Proper cleaning and sanitization of the equipment are also essential to prevent the risk of contamination.

Meat Jerky Machine

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