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  • Twin Screw Extruder for Core Filling Snacks  Processing Line

Core Filling Snacks Processing Line


Twin Screw Extruder for Core Filling Snacks Processing Line can process various cereal based snacks - direct expanded or filled - with a wide variety of recipes and shapes.

Extruded Snacks Processing Line leverages Qunlong’s unique twin-screw extrusion technology and are highly flexible and stable. It can be quickly and economically modified to manufacture innovative new products such as filled products, chips or bread snacks, with simple-to-install additional equipment.

Flow Chart: Mixing - Extruding - Core Filling - Shaping & Cutting - Drying - Seasoning - Cooling

Core Filling Snacks Processing Line

With QunlongMachinery you have the companion at your side that can food extrusion equipment supply you with an outstanding option for your entire food processing tasks and endeavors. This process usually starts with unique sort of applications and tools on a lab scale and extends directly through to the commercial production plants. Over the course of time, we have actually registered ourselves as the globe's leading food extrusion makers supplier and also supply our food extrusion devices to a substantial series of sectors with our clients belonging from various parts of the world.


When your food twin screw extruder machines production procedures demand a certain sort of food extrusion makers mixers or food twin screw extruder equipments, stoves, as well as various other effective, economical options, QunlongMachinery inevitably fulfills the demands as well as requirements of the makers all over the world to make their process of production safer, adaptable as well as more systematic than in the past.


As a continuous trendsetter and also supplier of the food extrusion devices, we have a significant quantity of riches and also experience in this specific field. Setting up continuous new standards in the food extrusion machinery, and also its advancement to bring something special onto the table for our clients throughout the world, we have acquired significant amount regard and also adoration for the food twin screw extruder makers we have been making. This shows our commitment towards our efficient system as well as proficiency in the direction of innovating brand-new products right into the marketplace.

QunlongMachinery twin screw food extrusion machines materials perfect conditions for the extrusion of many different kinds of family pet food and also foodstuff. The handling area of our machine comprises of different kinds of diverse barrels in which the food processing occurs.


The tightly-gapped screws around the food extrusion ans pasta extrusion maker run completely giving the food a suitable amount of surface, with their flawlessly secured self-wiping profile eradicates the stagnant zones over the whole length of the procedure section. The outcome of this is regular high-conveying performance and transparency for cleansing the maker effectively. The design of our food extrusion machinery as well as its unusual organization of the complimentary screw based quantity; its speed and torque make it possible for the food twin screw extruder makers to be entirely configured for each and every and every application. The entire portfolio of the equipment consists of a huge variety of dimensions, helping the consumers to exercise the required throughput range from the production scale to the research laboratory. If you agree to acquire a maker from us or wish to purchase one in the future, do not hesitate to call us anytime.

Advantages of Core Filling Snacks Processing Line:

1.Productive and controlled manufacturing: continuous and automated high-capacity processing, fast automated changeovers, recording and management of settings and recipes, quick and easy die changes, easy cleaning and maintenance

2.Flexible, facilitating product innovation:

3.A diversity of raw materials, using a wide range of ingredients (flour or meal using refined cereals, exotic raw materials such as classical cereals, etc.) and process flexibility to enable changes in product features (particle size, moisture or variable fat content)

4.A variety of operating conditions to produce specific textures and densities

5.A wide range of sizes, shapes and fillings (with optional co-extrusion kits)

6.Cost-effective: HTST (High Temperature Short Time) intensified transformation process generating savings in raw materials, water and energy; very hygienic processing and easy maintenance; compact design with reduced floor space requirements. Advanced automation designed by our experts ensures precise process control, resulting in consistent and repeatable quality.

Technical Parameters of Puff Snacks Machine:

QL-65120-150kg/hr52kw25 x 5 x 3m
QL-70200-260kg/hr86kw28 x 5 x 3m
QL-85300-500kg/hr140kw32 x 5 x 3m

Core Filling Snacks Processing Line

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