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Pet Treats Extrusion Line


Pet Treats Extrusion Line could produce different kinds of pet treats and dog chew, such as single color, double color, core filling or twisted snacks. It is healthy to the dog’s teeth cleaning, also meet their chewing habits.


Pet Treats Extrusion Line is a production system designed for the efficient and consistent manufacturing of pet treats and dog snacks, specifically for dogs and cats. This line is comprised of various machinery and equipment that work together to process raw materials into different shapes, flavors, and textures. The following is a detailed introduction to the different components and processes involved in a pet treats extrusion line.

Advantages of Pet Treats Extrusion Line

  • Consistency: The extrusion process ensures uniformity in the shape, size, and texture of the pet treats, which is essential for product quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Efficiency: A well-designed pet treats extrusion line can produce large volumes of treats in a relatively short amount of time, making it a cost-effective solution for manufacturers.

  • Flexibility: Extrusion lines can be adapted to produce a wide variety of pet treats, including those with different shapes, textures, and flavors, as well as those formulated for specific dietary needs, such as grain-free or low-fat treats.

  • Safety: High temperatures and pressures during the extrusion process help to eliminate harmful bacteria and pathogens, ensuring the safety of the finished product.

In conclusion, Pet Treats Extrusion Line is a vital part of the pet food industry, offering an efficient and consistent method for producing high-quality treats that meet the nutritional needs and preferences of pets worldwide.

Work Flow

Pet Treats Extrusion Line


Pet Treats Extrusion Line

Pet Treats Extrusion Line

Extruder's Structure

Pet Treats Extrusion Line

Technical Parameters








25 x 5 x 3m




30 x 5 x 3m

Main Equipment List

I. Flour Mixer or Double Shaft Mixer

The mixer is the first step in the extrusion line, where the raw materials are combined according to the formulation of the pet treats. Ingredients such as protein sources (meat, fish, or vegetable), grains, vitamins, minerals, and flavorings are thoroughly mixed to ensure a uniform blend.

Pet Treats Extrusion Line

II. Screw Conveyor or Scraper Conveyor

The feeder transports the mixed ingredients from the mixer to the extruder. It typically uses a screw conveyor or a scraper conveyor to move the materials at a controlled rate.

Pet Treats Extrusion Line

III. Single Screw Extruder

The extruder is the heart of the pet treats extrusion line. It is responsible for cooking, forming, and texturizing the raw materials. The extruder consists of a barrel with a rotating screw inside. As the ingredients move through the barrel, they are subjected to high temperatures, pressures, and shearing forces, which cook the ingredients and transform them into a dough-like consistency. The dough is then forced through a die, which gives the pet treats their specific shape and texture.

Pet Treats Extrusion Line

IV. Pet Treats Twisting Device

Pet Treats Twisting Device is used to make twist pet treats with one color or double color. It is the first equipment to produce one color and double color pet treats into one by changing the molds.

Pet Treats Extrusion Line

V. 8m Cooling Conveyor

8m Cooling Conveyor can well cooling the extruded row, and convey it to next equipment.

Pet Treats Extrusion Line

VI. Cutting Machine

After the dough exits the extruder's die, it is cut into the desired length by a knife assembly. The knives can be adjusted to produce treats of varying lengths.

Pet Treats Extrusion Line

VII. 5m Cooling Conveyor

5m Cooling Conveyor can well cooling the products, and convey it to next equipment.

Pet Treats Extrusion Line

Customized Service

1. Customized mold to produce different shape and size.

2. Customized layout as the customer’s actual workshop.

3. Customized motor and electric parts, it can be Siemens ABB OMRON, or LIJIU CHNT DELIXI.

4. Customized recipe as the customer’s requirement.

5. Customized voltage as the local voltage.

6. Customized machine materials, SUS 201, SUS 304, SUS 316.

Pet Treats Extrusion Line

Company Profile

Pet Treats Extrusion Line

Jinan Qunlong Machinery Co., Ltd. (shorten as “Dragons Machine”) is the professional manufacturer of all kinds of Snacks Food Machine and Pet Food Machine. Established in year 2004, Dragons Machine has been more than 18 years history with workshop 5000m2 and more than 60 employees, and certified by ISO 9001. As the council member of Chinese North China Pet Industry Association (CNCPIA), and awarded by the National Quality Service Credit AAA Enterprise, Dragons Machine has several kinds of patented products, and could provide customized service. All the machinery from Dragons Machine have been EU CE certified, and have sold to more than 50 countries around the world, like USA, Australia, France, Lebanon, Thailand, Tunisia, Algeria, Italy, Peru, India, etc.

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Pet Treats Extrusion Line

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Pet Treats Extrusion Line

Company Certificate

Pet Treats Extrusion Line

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Pet Treats Extrusion Line

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Who are we?


- We are Dragons Machine, the council member of Chinese North China Pet Industry Association (CNCPIA). We have rich experience in Snacks Food Machine and Pet Food Machine, so we are helpful to each customer.


Why us?


- All machines from Dragons have CE Certificate

- Dragons Machine has been certified by ISO 9001

- Patented machinery with high-level technology

Single-color Pet Treats

Pet Treats Extrusion Line

Double-color Pet Treats

Pet Treats Extrusion Line

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Pet Treats Extrusion Line

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