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Oat Bar Forming Machine


Protein Oat Bar Forming Machine is used to produce oat bar, protein bar, cereal bar, muesli bar, granola bar, etc.

Stable protein bar manufacturing equipment is our freshly developed straight kind single row extrusion machine according to customers' demand of smaller size as well as low budget.the protein bar machine can make healthy protein bar, day bar, fruit bar, energy bar, nourishment bar, power bar and more.



1. The equipment is automatic PLC control with touch display.

2. Complete stainless steel auger screws, as well as strong PU mould.

3. Newest technology, finest, CE certificated.

4. Least room called for.

The Energy bar machine is the optimal device for creating power bar, nourishment bar, healthy protein bar as well as a power bar. The machine can also make cereal bar, fruit bar and rice sweet bar, etc.The device generally includes Material feeding, rolling and pushing, cooling, rolling cutting as well as vertical cutting, it is with PLC control and also touches display, exact measurement positioning, flexible rate and concise transmission.It is a price as well as a power-saving maker with high manufacturing, simple procedure as well as cleansing.

The maker can be customized according to consumer demand.

Automatic protein bar making maker is full automated maker, PLC control with touch screen.it is special for making protein bar, nourishment bar, powder bar, date bar, power bar, and so on

Automatic healthy protein bar making maker is our major item special for making protein bar, nourishment bar, powder bar, day bar, power bar, and so on

The protein bar extruding device contains extruder and cutter.the device can alter different item density, size, size by the maker touch display and modification bar sizes by changing different size moulds.


The Energy bar machine is full automated with PLC control, it's with the highest quality as well as europe standard.

Our protein bar extruder machine is engineered with precision to maximize efficiency and optimize production output. With its advanced technology and innovative design, it allows you to significantly increase your manufacturing capacity, saving you valuable time and resources. Say goodbye to manual labor and hello to a seamless automated production line that ensures consistent results every time.

If you have an interest in our automated healthy protein bar making maker, welcome to acquire the customized devices with our professional producers as well as vendors in China. Premium, dependable performance and affordable rate can be assured. Contact us today to discuss how our protein bar manufacturing equipment can revolutionize your production process.

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This Protein Bar Forming Machine is fully made by stainless steel 304 to meet food grade.

Cereal Bar Forming Machine has unique structure by placing the molds part under driving part, which can be washed by water.

Also thanks to the specific structure, no need worry about any materials or liquid sugar are falling down on the motor or electric parts of this Muesli Bar Machine.

There has a mixer to evenly mix kinds of materials with liquid, also easy to feed to the materials hopper.

The material hopper on Granola Bar Machine has heater to keep the material's temperature, also has specific blade to evenly fill the materials to the molds.

We've used industry best practices to create a fully customizable system with state-of-the-art features. Stainless steel components and a sanitary design allow for complete wash down, while a modular design makes way for additional features.

Various shapes and sizes can be achieved by changing the molds. Also, we supply one mold with two shapes (same thickness) to lower the investment.

Nuts Bar Forming Machine could connect with auto sorting & packing line to realize continuous production.

In addition to our bar extruders, Dragons Machine also offers slat forming lines for more fragile materials such as nutrition bars, granola, crisp rice, meal replacements, energy bars, cereal bars and other bars. Our popular Nutrition Bar Manufacturing Equipment has quickly become Dragons Machine's best-selling equipment. In the past, such equipment could only be obtained from overseas suppliers.

QL-760F600-800kg/hr7kw3800 x 1200 x 1500mm

Oat Bar Forming Machine

protein bar machines are custom made to fit your product and manufacturing needs. Use this form to tell us more about your final protein bar machine or the protein bar machine you are looking for and one of our experts will contact you. protein bar machines are customized to fit your product and manufacturing needs. Use this form to tell us more about your final protein bar machine or the protein bar machine you are looking for and one of our experts will get in touch with you.

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