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Granola Bar Sheeting Cutting Machine


Granola Bar Sheeting Cutting Machine is multi-funtional for making cereal bar, candy bar, sesame bar, muesli bar, granola bar, peanut bar, fruit bar, chocolate coating cereal bar, etc.

- Firstly, dry materials are blended with syrup and oil to create a cereal mass. The materials are mainly oats, puffed rice, peanuts, of course, other grains or slit dried fruit are often added in.

- The cereal mass is fed into the Feeder & Spreader System via the inclined conveyor of snacks bar machine.

- The Feeder & Spreader, including a feed tank and 4 contra-rotating rolls, process the cereal mass into a loose panel of constant thickness.

- The Enforced Compression Rolls provide a consolidation of the cereal panel to meet the requirement.

- Coolers ensure the cereal mass together and crispy, but the cooler is not standard. As material’s features, coolers can be cooling tunnel or air cooling conveyor.

- Next the granola bar are divided by a divider to keep each one has a space.

- The Cross Cutter System cuts the cereal panel into the final cereal bar with the same dimension.

- If needed, chocolate can be coated and cooled by Chocolate Enrobing Machine.

- Muesli Bar Production Line relies on gentle and accurate process to attain a perfect balance between foodstuff quality and efficient production.

Granola Bar Sheeting Cutting Machine

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9600 x 1300 x 1300mm

Granola Bar Sheeting Cutting Machine

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