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What Factors Need to Be Considered in Dog Food Formula Design?

As a supplier of Fortified Rice Machine, we have the following recommendations for the design of dog food formulations.

1. Firstly, clearly check the weight, physiological state and stage level of the dog, and select the corresponding nutritional standards. When the standard needs to be properly adjusted, first determine the energy index of each stage, and then adjust the other nutrient requirements according to the ratio of energy to other nutrients in the pet nutrition food standard.

2. According to the characteristics of local raw material resources, determine the types and quantities of raw materials for the dog food, and try to select some raw materials with short procurement radius and convenient purchasing to meet local conditions.

3. Check the raw material nutrition value table, and record the corresponding important nutrient content in the nutritious food, and clearly know the main engineering use of the selected raw materials, and be targeted;

4. Using the appropriate calculation method to formulate the formula, the formula requirements basically meet the requirements of protein, fat, ash, crude fiber, amino acid level, mineral demand, functional characteristics and other conventional physical and chemical indicators balance and nutrition;

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5. Firstly, the phosphorus content is adjusted by the raw material containing high phosphorus (bone meal, calcium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate), and then the calcium content is adjusted by calcium carbonate. At the same time, maltose, bin starch, corn flour, zeolite powder, etc. are used. The carrier is then adjusted for various amino acid contents.

6. After the dosage of the main mineral raw materials is determined, in combination with the results of the above steps, the nutrient composition of the initial formula is adjusted, and the dog food formula is expressed by the percentage content;

7. Combine the characteristics of the factory assembly line and mass production, adjust the nutritional formula into production formula according to the equipment conditions, pay attention to the requirements, fully consider the deformation, deformation, loss, loss and other factors of the raw materials in the production process.

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