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Chocolate contains more than 300 known chemicals. Scientists have analyzed and experimented with these substances one by one over the past 100 years, and have continuously discovered and proved the pharmacological effects of various ingredients of chocolate on the human body. As a company that offers Rajgira Ladoo Machine, let's share it with you.

Chocolate is a natural guard against heart disease. It is rich in multi-source phenol complex, which has a considerable inhibitory effect on the oxidation or accumulation of fatty substances in human arteries.

The main cause of heart disease Coronary heart disease is usually caused by fatty substances LDL (low-density lipoprotein) oxidizes in the human blood and forms an obstacle to cause cardiovascular obstruction.

The phenolic complex of chocolate not only prevents the fat of the chocolate itself from becoming sour and acid but also can be quickly absorbed into the blood vessels after being eaten into the human body. The antioxidant component in the blood is obviously increased, and it is quickly activated as a powerful An antioxidant that prevents oxidation of LDL and inhibits platelet activity in blood vessels. These substances play an important role in keeping blood vessels in the human body clear.

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Nutritionists have shown that such natural antioxidant phenol complexes are found in plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, red wine, and tea.

Strawberry is the most antioxidant-containing fruit in fruit, however, the antioxidant content of chocolate is eight times higher than that of strawberry.

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