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What are The Main Nutrients of Dog Food?

Pet Food Processing Line Supplier explains the nutrients in dog food – the role of protein in dog food.

Dogs are meat-based grotesque animals, although the debate about whether pet dogs are chores or purely carnivores has not stopped, both omnivores and carnivores have an important nutrient demand - protein. Protein is the material basis of life, and it is no exception for pet dogs. In the case of pets, protein is the main component. In the process of pet food manufacturing and feeding, dogs are often given some meat and cereals to provide the main protein and other effective nutrients for the pet.

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Protein is a complex organic compound. The basic unit constituting a protein is an amino acid, and the amino acid forms a peptide chain by dehydration condensation. A protein is a biological macromolecule composed of one or more peptide chains, each of which has twenty to hundreds of amino acid residues, and various amino acid residues are arranged in order. The amino acid sequence of a protein is encoded by the corresponding gene. In addition to the 20 "standard" amino acids encoded by the genetic code, in the protein, certain amino acid residues can also be post-translationally modified to undergo chemical structural changes, thereby activating or regulating the protein. Multiple proteins are often combined to form a stable protein complex, folded or spiraled into a spatial structure to perform a specific function.

Simply put, protein is a generic term for a class of amino acids. Because of the wide variety of amino acids that make up proteins, the large number of them, and the complex structure, the proteins in pet organs and body fluids have different physiological engineering.

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