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Why are Shiba Inu Picky Eaters?

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Shiba Inu's picky eating should be a headache for the owner. Every time you feed, you must try to get the dog owner to eat more, so that the body will be healthy and not easy to get sick. Moreover, the fat Shiba Inu is more cute. According to the survey, the biggest reason for Shiba Inu's picky eating is that the owner feels that he eats snacks without restraint. If he feeds the dog a little, he thinks that the meat is delicious. If he feeds the dog a little, there is no regularity at all, and the Shiba Inu eats more human snacks. Flavoring agents such as flavors will break the balance of Shiba Inu's sense of taste, which will make Shiba Inu's mouth become awkward, and do not like to eat less-tasting dog food. In addition, Shiba Inu are picky eaters for other reasons.

Dog Snacks Molding Machine

Dog Snacks Molding Machine


For Shiba Inu's food, some dog food is good, and it doesn't need to be too fine. Some shit shovel officers do not allow their Shiba Inu to prepare an extra serving of snacks when they eat their own snacks. Snacks such as beef jerky usually eat a lot, and eating more snacks will lead to less regular meals. Affect Shiba Inu's health.

In response to this situation, do not prepare snacks for Shiba Inu, eat dog food regularly, add some fruits and vegetables, and occasionally feed a little meat, but also pay attention to light, regular and quantitative feeding, and develop a habit.

Get ill

If the Shiba Inu gets sick, it will also affect the Shiba Inu's appetite and do not like to eat. At this time, do not give Shiba Inu heavy-tasting foods, and you still need to prepare some light and nutritious foods. If the Shiba Inu is not willing to eat at all, and the mental state is not good, you need to take the Shiba Inu to the hospital for a visit and targeted treatment.

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