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What Should I Do if My Dog Does Not Eat Dog Food?

I believe that many small owners will find that their dogs do not like dog food. Pet Food Processing Line Supplier announced for you.

Actually, the reason why dogs do not eat dog food is the owner. Why do you say this? Recall whether the owners did the following things:

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Pet Food Machine for Sale

Did the first owner give the dog human oil-salt-spiced food? Oil salt is actually a kind of attractant for dogs, but too high salt content will increase the metabolic burden of the dog’s kidneys. Generally, it’s in dog food. The salt content will not exceed one percent but it is enough for their daily needs, so for dogs, it must be the owner's food. After eating it, it must be reluctant to eat dog food.

Second, do the owners give their dogs a single food or a single dog food for a long time. It is very normal that they will feel bored for a long time, just like the owners who eat white rice every day. The owners are not happy, right? It is recommended to change the food every two to three months. Dogs also need freshness.

The third host usually eats too much snacks so that the dog has no spare stomach to eat dog food, just like the children, snacks are never full, but every time I eat, I can’t eat it. I believe this It is also the troubles in the heart of being a parent.

What is the correct feeding method?

I told you to feed the dog food on time every day, and only leave it for ten to fifteen minutes. If you don’t eat it, take it away. It only means that it is not hungry enough and can only wait until the next meal. Don’t let the dog’s bowl always have food and snacks. It rewards the dog food after eating the main meal obediently. You can change to different flavors or brands to try different flavors, such as chicken, beef, mutton, and herring. I think the method is suitable for most dogs. Our company also has Pet Food Machine for Sale, welcome to contact us.

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