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How to Correct a Dog's Picky Eaters?

1. Regular fixed-point and quantitative feeding

(1) Feed the main meal at a fixed time for five minutes, and withdraw immediately if you don't eat. (2) During this period, no matter how coquettish the dog is, refuse to feed. (3) Prevent family members from secretly feeding. (4) During the training period of staple food dog food, don't use snacks or canned staple food to feed it. (5) Strictly follow the principle of fixed-point, regular-quantity, and take it away when the time is over. After a week, the dog's picky eating habits will basically improve. If you stick to it, the dog can develop good eating habits.

Dog Snacks Molding Machine

Dog Snacks Molding Machine

In the process of correcting picky eaters, it is necessary to be cruel. Don't feed more after one meal or change to other food that the dog loves. You must make the dog feel hungry and ask to take the initiative to eat dog food. The essence of overcoming picky eaters is to develop a sense of crisis for food.

2. Exercise more, increase appetite

You can take your dog for outdoor exercise before each meal to help consume the dog’s physical energy and promote gastrointestinal digestion and absorption. This is not only good for the dog’s body, but it will also increase its appetite after exercise. Dog food comes more fragrant than usual.

Hunger will occur after exercise, which makes the dog have a strong desire to eat, which can be used to assist in eating

3. Supplement of trace elements

The lack of trace elements is an easily overlooked cause of picky eaters. In the early stage of the lack of trace elements, dogs may be picky eaters. In severe cases, they may develop into pica, such as eating soil, chewing on walls, or even eating their own poop. Trace elements can be obtained from some marine fish products, or you can buy convenient pet trace elements from pet stores and install the dosage on the package for feeding.

4. Change the taste of dog food timely

Sometimes, dogs will get bored by eating a kind of dog food for a long time, so the owner can change the ration for the dog from time to time, but remember not to be too frequent, and you need to pay attention to the food change process 7 The daily food exchange method ensures that the dog goes through the food exchange period steadily. Our company also has Dog Snacks Molding Machine on sale, welcome to contact us.

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