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Some novice customers bought back the puffing machine and found that others would put some water directly into the idling before making the puffed food. I don't know why. As a Granola Bar Machine Factory, let's answer your doubts.

In fact, the raw materials with large moisture added in front are because of the need to increase the temperature of a puffing machine head. Some people are cheaper and do not want to use warm materials to heat up, but it is recommended to start using wet corn to warm up. The preparatory operations in the early stage are commonly referred to as "feeding materials" in the industry. The meaning is to take the meaning of the normal dry material we prepared later as a short-term overheating effect.

Pop-rice Puffing Machine

Before we use the Pop-rice Puffing Machine, we need to use wet corn to introduce the water vapor generated by the screw and the screw sleeve after extruding the boride and use the generated water vapor to warm the head, when the temperature of the heat rises. After a trend, we can use normal dry corn to process puffed food.

Note: The use of wet corn is not processed, and dry corn is required to make the shape. Wet corn is only used as a primer before using the extruder.

These are the reasons why Pop-rice Puffing Machine should add water, I hope to help you.

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