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The food puffing machine belongs to a kind of equipment for processing puffed food. A food puffing machine is an important machine for making snacks such as exquisite crisps, golden horn crisps, golden horns, etc. What are the methods for puffing food puffing machines? The following is introduced by Food Extrusion Equipment Manufacturer:

There are two types of expansion of food extruders: dry expansion and wet expansion. Which one to choose depends on the actual situation. The first thing to look at is the function of the extruder you use. Take soybean as an example:

Which method to choose depends on the moisture of the soybean. When the moisture of the soybean is high, the dry method is used to facilitate the evaporation of water and the moisture content of the soybean powder.

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The wet puffing mainly uses steam in the conditioner, and the cooked material enters the puffing chamber. However, the product after compression and puffing has high moisture content and must be dried and cooled.

The food puffing machine can use the wet puffing when the moisture of the soybean is low, because the steam is added, the quality is easy to be tempered, the yield per unit time can be increased, and the anti-nutritional factors are more destructive, which can further improve and Improve the nutritional value of soy flour.

The above is the puffing method of the food puffing machine. If you want to know other aspects of Food Extruder for Sale, please feel free to contact us, https://www.dragonextruder.com

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