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Nowadays, puffed foods are very popular among people of all ages. Puffed foods are much more edible, and natural food puffing machines are widely used. So do you know about its technical advantages? As a Food Extruder Machine Supplier, you may wish to share with you the technical characteristics of the food extruder.

1. The food puffing machine further improves the taste and taste: after the coarse grain is puffed, the structure of the rough and hard structure is destroyed, and the coarse grain is no longer seen. The taste of the whole grain cannot be eaten, the taste is soft, the taste is improved, and it is delicious.

2. The price is cheap: the indirect heating extruder is applied, and the processing fee is lower after processing each kilogram of corn into expanded powder.

3. The food produced by the food puffing machine is convenient to eat: after the coarse grain is puffed, it has become a cooked food. It can be directly used for boiling water, or can be made into compressed food, or can be processed into a variety of foods. save time.

Core Filling Snacks Processing Line

4. The preservation rate and digestibility of nutrients are high: the preservation rate of nutrients in the process of puffing is high, and the preservation rate and digestibility of nutrients of puffed foods are relatively high, which means that the process of puffing has no effect on the nutrition of foods. Its digestibility is higher than that of unexpanded.

5. Puffed food is easy to store: when the grain is puffed, it is equal to high-temperature sterilization. The moisture content of the puffed powder is reduced to less than 10%. This low moisture limits the growth of insects and mildew and strengthens their storage. Stability, suitable for longer-term storage, and suitable for combat preparation of military food, improve their eating quality.

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