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As a Pet Food Processing Line Supplier, share with you.

Types of dog food

According to moisture content: dry food, semi-dry food, soft wet food, wet food, etc.

Divided by process: powder type, extruded pellet type, single puffed pellet type, double puffed pellet type, fried type, etc.

According to the physiological stage of the dog: weaning dog food, puppy dog food, adult dog food, pregnancy dog food, lactating dog food, elderly dog food

Pet Food Machine

Pet Food Machine

Main categories: dry puffed dog food (commercial food, natural food), canned wet dog food, dehydrated food


Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for pet dogs. In order to ensure the survival, health, development, reproduction, heartbeat, blood circulation, gastrointestinal peristalsis, muscle contraction and other activities, pets need a lot of energy, and 80% of these required energy is provided by carbohydrates. . Carbohydrates include sugar and fiber.


Protein is the main source of body tissues and somatic cells in pet dogs. It plays a variety of functions such as conduction, transportation, protection and exercise. Protein also plays a major role in catalyzing, regulating and maintaining life activities in pet life and physiological metabolic activities.


Fat is an important component of pet dog's body tissue and participates in almost all cell formation and repair. The skin, bones, muscles, nerves, blood, and internal organs of pet dogs contain fat. The body fat of a pet dog accounts for up to 10%-20% of its own weight.


Minerals include calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and so on. It can maintain the normal functioning of pets' body functions and play a regulatory role.


Vitamin is a kind of low-molecular organic compound that is necessary for pet dog's physique metabolism and requires a small amount. Generally, it cannot be synthesized in the body. It mainly depends on the provision of pet food and dog food. Except for a few vitamins, most of the requirements are in Added to dog food.

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