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What is the production process of fried instant noodles?

Instant Noodle Processing Line

Instant Noodle Processing Line

Specific operation:

1. Selection of oil for frying: Try and compare refined palm oil, sesame oil, imitation butter, and refined lard. Finally, select refined palm oil with lower acid value, stable ingredients, light color, and low cost. The oil is used for mass production. Palm oil is a vegetable fat, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which can prevent cholesterol from accumulating on the blood vessel wall, and is still the constituent of the human cell membrane and the raw material for the body to form the prostate; it is fried in palm oil The food is fragrant and light in color. If peanut oil is added to palm oil, it will not only keep the palm oil light in color and have the characteristics of styling effect, but also eliminate the unpleasant smell and reduce the trouble in the production process.

Improvement of soup taste

2. Improvement of soup taste: instant noodles are popular staple foods. When developing soup recipes, the principle is to respect the eating habits and hobbies of local citizens. There are instant noodles with shrimps, instant noodles with pork floss, instant noodles with chili sauce and chicken sauce. Convenient noodles, but its taste is relatively simple, lack of deliciousness, and focus on taste. Several additional seasonings have been added to improve the taste of the soup on the basis of less cost. The taste is pure and palatable, and it has a better effect.

Selection of flour quality

3. Selection of flour quality: The wheat flour that produces instant noodles should be rich in gluten. The method of mixing different types of flour according to appropriate proportions and using tackifiers is used to compensate for each other. Disadvantages, it enhances the patience and elasticity of flour, can reduce the appearance of streaking and broken streaks during operation, and the glossiness of the product is also more ideal.


4. Transport: Use wooden boxes or bamboo baskets when transporting.


5. Storage: It should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, and cannot be stored in the same warehouse with odorous items. Pay attention to moisture, mildew, insect and pollution prevention.

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