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Different characteristics

Dry puffed dog food

Generally speaking, the dog food we often see and talk about in our daily life refers to dry-type puffed dog food, which also belongs to commercial dog food. It is a special dog food that is made by mixing many nutrient materials, then puffing or extruding, and then drying and dehydrating, seasoning and other processes. The moisture content is generally below 12%. This type of food is comprehensive and nutritious. Balanced, long shelf life, convenient feeding and carrying, affordable price and more and more people are accepted and sought after. This kind of dog food has increasingly penetrated into many families with pets. Even today, there are still many families who do not feed puffed dog food to their pets. With the popularization of scientific dog food knowledge and the emergence of endless dog food manufacturers in China, the application range of puffed dog food has gradually expanded, and the price of dog food products has become more and more reasonable.

Dog Snacks Molding Machine

Dog Snacks Molding Machine

Canned Wet Dog Food

This kind of dog food is the canned dog food that we often see on the market, and some pure meat cans. The raw materials are mainly composed of some meat, starches, grains, fruits and vegetables, trace elements and other raw materials. This kind of dog food is relatively fresh and can be eaten and opened, so the palatability is much better than that of dry puffed dogs. The digestion and absorption efficiency of dog food is also higher than that of dry puffed dog food, with a general digestibility rate of up to 80%. At the same time, the unit energy of pure meat cans is also higher, as high as 25.08KJ per kilogram of pure meat cans. The disadvantage of this type of product is that the cost of raw materials is high, so that the price of finished canned dog food is high, and it is difficult to meet the larger feeding demand of adult pets. Moreover, this type of dog food is required to be used with food, and it is prone to spoilage after opening the lid.

Concentrated powdered dog food

Concentrated dog food is mainly made by mixing fresh meat, various vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats, etc., after high temperature steaming, cooking, and dehydration. Because this kind of dog food is not extruded, it is in the form of powdered dog food Exist, the water content is generally less than 10%, so it has better nutrient retention, comprehensive and balanced nutrition, easy to absorb, and the digestion and absorption utilization rate is as high as 85%. At the same time, the biggest advantage of this kind of dog food is that it can be fed directly, or according to the characteristics of each family, the main meal of the kitchen can be added to the concentrated dog food in a certain proportion, which satisfies the premise of the necessary nutrients for pets. This greatly reduces the economic cost of feeding pets. However, because of the long shelf life of this kind of concentrated dog food, the freshness of the dog food is not high, the pets do not like to eat, the palatability is not high, and it is not as simple and convenient to feed as dry puffed dog food.

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