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With the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization, the urban population continues to increase, and the living standards of urban and rural residents continue to improve. The demand for livestock products will continue to increase, especially the increase in farmers’ incomes, and the consumption of livestock products will increase substantially. Coupled with the increased demand for high-quality livestock products in the new round of consumption upgrades, my country's feed industry showed a pattern of sustained and stable development in 2015, and the total annual feed output is expected to exceed 250 million tons. Under such a background, the research and application of feed equipment and production process have been developed rapidly. This article will start from a typical feed production process and explain the equipment selection for each section of feed production in the actual production process. Use maintenance and other related issues.

Pet Food Machine for Sale

Pet Food Machine for Sale

-The process flow of a small and medium-sized livestock and poultry feed factory is composed of raw material receiving, crushing, batching, mixing, granulating, cooling and screening, and finished product packaging sections; the core production equipment is grinder, mixer, granulator, etc. , The selection of these equipments play a vital role in feed production and ensuring the quality of feed. The following will briefly discuss the role and selection of the three types of equipment in production.

The role and selection of crusher

Crushing is an operation method that uses mechanical methods to overcome the cohesion of solid materials and break them. It is one of the most important processes in the feed processing process. It is an important factor affecting feed quality, output, power consumption and processing costs. . The effects of crushed feed: a. Increase the surface area and particle size of the feed, which is beneficial to the digestion and absorption of animals. Animal nutrition experiments have shown that reducing the particle size improves the digestion and absorption of dry matter, protein and energy, and reduces the feed-to-meat ratio; b Improve and enhance the processing performance of materials. Through pulverization, the particle size of the material can be basically the same, and the material classification after mixing is reduced; for micro-elements and some small component materials, only pulverized to a certain degree to ensure that there are enough particles to meet the requirements of mixing uniformity; Another example is the granulation process, the particle size of the crushed material must consider the interaction between the crushed particle size and the pelleted feed. The crushed particle size will affect the durability of the pellets and the stability of the aquatic feed in the water; c The size of the crushed feed can be significantly increased The conversion rate of feed can reduce the excretion of animal feces, improve the utilization rate of animal feed, and improve the efficiency and quality of subsequent feed mixing, conditioning, pelleting, and expansion.

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