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The Processing Technology of Dry Pet Food

The Processing Technology of Dry Pet Food

 Many of our pet cats or dogs are now eating dry food, mainly because people now live a fast-paced life, there is no time to be able to do something for the cat to eat, and the pet dry food is not a very good choice. I believe that when you buy dry pet food basically do not go to understand what its processing process is like, the following we will take you to understand.

The Processing Technology of Dry Pet Food


About the basic processing technology of dry pet food is introduced

1. Ingredients

Ingredients in the process of configuration, most of the raw materials are meat, fat, grains, etc., a small part is vitamins and minerals, etc..


2. Crushing

By grinding the raw materials into the right size granules, grinding can improve the absorption rate of nutrients, as well as improve and ease the processing of certain. After grinding the original size is uniform for its own moisture absorption is very important.


3. Mixing

Adequate mixing of all ingredients is very important for the production of pet food. If all ingredients are not completely mixed, there will be very few products with excess or lack of essential nutrients.


4. Extrusion and expansion

The paste mix is transferred to the extruder by pasting the dry matter ingredients and starch that were mixed in the previous step. The paste ingredients move then through the extruder, which itself generates friction and heat, combining these to finalize the speed and friction to ensure the temperature and time of product maturation.


5. Drying and cooling

The newly produced coarse food is said to be fluffy and absorbent, and the extruded ingredients are moved to the dryer to remove excess moisture. If the food is dried too quickly or at too high a temperature, it will become brittle and thus prone to breakage before being sold; if the food is hot after leaving the dryer and is packed before and cooled, it will be prone to mold and bacteria growth.


6. Spray

Fats and flavoring agents are usually added at this step. Fat is generally not added at the mixing stage because it reduces the pasting effect of starch, and adding fat and flavoring agents to the surface of the pellets can greatly provide the palatability of the dry food.


Puffed dry food is able to change and improve the nutritional value of dry food, improve the digestion and absorption rate of dry food for pets. Many raw materials in the maturation and puffing process, the protein will be denatured, starch is paste, the enhancement of enzyme activity, these changes in the raw materials to further release the nutritional value, and make the pet easier to digest and absorb, in favor of the complete intake of pet nutrition. Otherwise, not only will not bring effective and complete nutrition to the pet, but will trigger diarrhea, vomiting and other symptoms of intestinal maladjustment.


Our pet dry food in the production process, the extreme pursuit can give our pets good nutrition. If you want to see more about this, you can go through our previous articles to learn more.

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