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Where to get puffed cereal equipment

Brief introduction

Breakfast cereal cornflakes, cereal crisps, baked ready-to-eat cereal is a crisp food, can be eaten directly dry, can also be consumed with yogurt or milk brewed, with good rehydration, not rotten outside the punch, smooth taste, cereal flavor aroma. Corn flakes are mainly made of corn flour as the main raw material puffed by puffing machine and then pressed by flake press, and then cooked by secondary baking, and cereals are cooked and cooked by steaming and softening of wheat grains in the pressed and cooked by flake press, two parts of the equipment can be shared, the production of cereals and corn flakes can add sugar, a variety of vitamins, minerals mixed raw materials, can also add dried fruit, yogurt blocks, coconut flakes and other mixes to produce the market more The popular ready-to-eat cereal products or breakfast cereal crunch meal replacement.

Where to get puffed cereal equipment


Process flow

A corn flakes equipment corn puffing machine process: raw material preparation → mixing powder → conveying → extrusion puffing → conveying → pressing → conveying → drying → (packaging)

Second, corn flakes equipment corn puffing machine equipment configuration: Mixing machine → feeding machine → puffing machine → wind feeder → pressing machine → wind feeder → multi-layer oven → (packaging machine)


Wide range of raw materials sources

Rice, corn, oats, buckwheat, soybean meal, and starch. Variety of products: casual food potpourri, sandwich food, convenient rice porridge, nutritional rice flour, and bread crumbs. Longer life: The screw and barrel are made of high-quality alloy steel, tempered, formed nitrided, finely ground, and polished, making it high strength, wear-resistant, high-pressure bearing, and ensuring the long-life operation of the screw.

The material is fed by the feeder, in addition to which the barrel is subjected to high temperature, high pressure, and high shear, making the material expand to meet the quality requirements and similar to the required tissue state.


Advantages of the equipment

1. Adopting advanced frequency converter speed control technology, which makes the equipment run more smoothly and saves electricity.

2. The screws are made of alloy steel nitride, which has a longer service life. It adopts a building block combination structure.

3. forced lubrication system to ensure the transmission part of the equipment has a long life.

4. visualized automatic temperature control system, which makes the temperature control more intuitive.

Where to get puffed cereal equipment


Equipment parameters and services

1. provide the usual formulas for each category.

2. a variety of shapes to choose from.

3. free pre-sales consulting services, equipment services in sales, service installation and commissioning, and training services.

4. responsible for training personnel and guidance services.

5. Free equipment warranty in January.

6. to provide customers with research and development production line layout services, and in accordance with the purchase of customer factories or the actual situation to provide detailed plans. 

7. in accordance with the purchase of the business can provide the size of the workshop.


Automatic cornflake production equipment

Corn flakes have high requirements for the tablet press, the surface of the rollers must have a high surface finish and the rollers must be kept at a constant temperature.

High-temperature baking:

The baking process is extremely important whether the cornflakes have a hard, crispy, dense tissue structure and outstanding unique flavor of corn. After the baked tortilla chips have cooled, they become a tortilla chip product.

Currently, so many tortilla chips are post-processed, such as wrapped in sugar, fried salt, or wrapped in chocolate, depending largely on market demand. The production of breakfast cornflakes is demanding, and the process conditions are harsh, requiring stable and steady R&D production equipment to ensure the process conditions of each R&D production link in the large-scale industrialized setup.


The R&D design line is based on a twin-screw extruder as the main equipment, together with drying and packaging equipment, forming a complete set of automated corn flakes equipment R&D design line. After mixing the powdered corn raw material, it is extruded and puffed into granules by the twin-screw extruder, and then pressed into tablets by double-roller cake press, and then dried into corn flakes by drying oven, and then cooled and packaged for sale. Introduction: Breakfast cereals and snack foods are crunchy foods with a smooth texture and a rich cereal flavor. Breakfast cereals are processed by a specially structured extruder. The yield, quality, and adaptability of the ingredients are further improved compared to conventional methods, which makes fortification with trace elements such as vitamins and minerals a very small probability. The set-up line has the advantages of many optional models, flexible equipment configuration, a wide range of raw materials, a wide range of products, and simple operation.


1. Peeling corn flakes processing equipment adopts a sand roller peeling machine to carry out dry peeling.

2. Powder making is carried out by corn processing equipment, i.e. ballast embryo breaker, after which it enters the mill to be ground into corn powder.

3. The cooked corn flakes extrusion and maturation molding process is the key to the development and design of high-quality corn flakes. When Wilkis Kellogg invented corn flakes, the technical corn had to be fully ripe without any puffing. Now only with this method can we develop and produce dense, hard, crispy corn flakes with outstanding flavor.

4. Corn processing machinery used for flake pressing is such as in the corn flake press. Into the double-roller flake press, rolled into thin slices.

5. Drying the pressed corn flakes into the cornflake processing equipment in the 100-200 ℃ oven.


In order to meet the R&D and production needs of breakfast cereals and really get rid of the high investment in imported equipment, we have developed the equipment needed for breakfast cereal set-up and production, such as a twin-screw extruder, dryer, flake press, oven, etc. And in our country, many food enterprises have been better applied.

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