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Congratulations on Dragons Machine has successfully installed a turn-key project of Energy Muesli Bar Production Line at customer’s factory! This project is fully continuous processing line from raw materials to final packages, A to Z.


The key equipment is Granola Bar Cutting Machine, which combines many procedures into one, which includes Filling Materials - Pressing Materials - Cooling Materials - Slitting Materials - Cutting Materials - Cooling & Conveying Muesli Bar. Peanut Chikki Cutting Machine can be say to produce various kinds of products, like sesame bar, peanut chikki, granola candy bar, energy block, puff cereal bar, oat bar, etc. The advanced technology of Oat Bar Cutting Machine could match with many kinds of materials and blinder, such as sesame, peanut, oat, cereals, raisin, cranberry, sugar, syrup, glucose, etc.

Another advantage of Sesame Brittle Cutting Machine is easy to connect with packing machine to realize continuous production and reduce the labor cost. We have good packing machine partners to supply kinds of packing machine to work with Puff Oat Bar Cutting Machine for various models and capacities.

For more details of Puff Snacks Bar Cutting Machine, please contact Dragons Machine.

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