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Trial Running of Puff Cereals Extrusion Line


Puff cereals are ideal choice as breakfast, no matter mix with milk or coffee, hot or cold. Modern puffed grains are often created using high temperature & pressure extrusion technology. Puffed cereals are very healthful, and are popular as breakfast cereals and in the form of rice cakes.

We finished a complete set of Breakfast Cereals Machine to produce plain pop cereals. The whole production procedure of this Pop Cereals Machine is continuous and automatic, also various shapes of puff cereals can be produced by changing the molds, such as ball, star, rings, rice, heart, etc. The finished puffed cereals are crispy without health losses, also make the nutrition to be easier to be absorbed by the human body. The quality of puff cereals made by Corn Cereals Machine is quite good, and similar to the products from Kellogg’s or Nestles.

For more details regarding Puff Maize Cereals Machine, please contact Dragons Machine for more details.

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