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Cereal Bar Molding Machine is Running at Customer’s Factory

Cereal Bar Molding Machine is Running at Customer’s Factory

We installed one set of QL-560F Cereal Bar Molding Machine at customer’s factory to produce cereal cake. Please check the following Youtube link to check the production.

Cereal Bar Forming Machine is suitable for produce cereal bar, peanuts bar, caramel treats, and so on with various raw materials like rice, millet, wheat, highland barley, maize, broomcorn, Chinese pearl barley, buckwheat, nuts, etc, and and berries such as goji, raisins also can be added.

All the exterior of Snacks Bar Machine is made with type 304 stainless steel, according to the requirement of QS standard for food machine. Protein Bar Machine is made up with stir mixing part, first press forming part, second press forming part, de-molding part, cooling and delivering part. It is suitable for press doming for food such as rice bar, wheat bar, net crisp , peanut crisp , seasame crisp. The shape can be cylinder, rectangular, square, roynd, spherical and other abnormal shape.

The length of the cooling conveyor can be changed or cooling fan can be equipped based as required, so as to enhance the cooling effect.

For more details regarding Energy Bar Machine, please contact us for details.

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