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Instant noodles are also called fast-food noodles, instant noodles, cup noodles, quick-cooking noodles, instant noodles, and instant noodles. They are generally called bowl noodles in the south and doll noodles in Hong Kong. It is a noodle food that can be cooked in hot water in a short time. Broadly speaking, it refers to a kind of noodle food that can be cooked and eaten in hot water within a short time. There are related dishes such as instant noodles, instant noodle salad, etc.; in a narrow sense, instant noodles usually refer to noodles, seasoning packets and Finished products composed of oil packets are mostly sold in bags and cups or bowls on the market. Momofuku Ando invented instant noodles in 1958. With the accelerated pace of life and travel needs, instant noodles have become one of the indispensable simple foods in modern life.

Instant noodles are made by steaming and frying the shredded noodles to make the shape of the noodles fixed (usually square or round). Before eating, brew with boiling water to dissolve the seasonings and heat the noodles to brew. (Usually within 3 minutes) instant convenience food that can be eaten within.

Instant Noodle Processing Line

Instant Noodle Processing Line

Nowadays, various brands of instant noodles on the market are flooding the shelves of major shopping malls, from large retail supermarkets to small door shops on the street.

Fast food is suitable for the needs of modern life and is deeply loved by people. Instant noodles have become the mainstream product of convenience devices. According to relevant statistics, the annual per capita sales of instant noodles in my country is 14 packs, which is only one third of Japan and South Korea. One-sixth of the consumption potential is huge. However, competition in the instant noodle market is fierce, with over 90% of the market share occupied by a few large companies. Therefore, for many small and medium enterprises, it is the best choice to develop new products and occupy the blank market. Such as instant rice noodles, non-fried instant noodles, etc., their appearance has obviously changed the problem of poor taste of the original instant noodle noodles, and broke the dominance of instant noodles for non-fried food. Today, when health will become the theme, its market will be promising. The success of some instant rice noodles and instant noodle factories illustrates this point. For example: Longsao, Yuniang, Xiuhe rice noodles, etc., instant noodle factories can use their original sales channels to launch new products.

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