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You must have eaten common foods in life, but you don’t know how they are made. Its name is puffed food. Although it sounds unfamiliar, you have tasted its fragrant and crispy taste at different stages of your life. : For example, baby rice cakes, breakfast cereal crisps, snacks for parties, popcorn for dates and movies, and even rice cakes at wedding banquets are one of its variety. When the sound of Kazi Kazi is in your ears sounds from the bank, you are not only tasting snacks, but also full of memories. As a Food Extruder Machine Supplier, share it with you.

Puffed Rice Forming Machine

Puffed Rice Forming Machine

The so-called puffed food is mainly made of cereals, potatoes or beans as raw materials, which are made by pressurizing, heating or squeezing to change the structure and volume of the food and present a porous and fluffy taste. However, what kind of magic power does the puffing effect have that can transform ordinary corn, wheat, potato, rice and other raw materials into round, triangular, spiral, and star shapes, and they taste crisp and crispy? To understand the effect of puffing, you can start with the principle of popcorn. The raw material of popcorn is dry corn kernels with a hard shell, which functions like a pressure cooker. Once heated, the moisture inside the corn kernels is heated and the pressure gradually increases. The weaker shell becomes a pressure outlet, and the high hot water component instantly becomes due to the pressure drop at the outlet. The steam expands and stretches the corn husk, and then pushes out the soft gelatinous batter made by gelatinizing starch particles in the corn kernels.

Since the water vapor in the corn kernels is instantaneously expanded in more than one place, they are like small bombs inside the corn, exploding out at the same time, causing the internal tissue of the corn to produce many small bubbles, and the overall volume becomes larger. After the corn pops, the small bubbles fuse together and cool and solidify. The water vapor evaporates at the same time, resulting in a decrease in water content. The originally squishy gelatinous batter turns into blossoming beautiful white popcorn. Therefore, heating food materials containing starch and water, and sometimes even pressurizing them, causes the water vapor between the food materials to open up the whole tissue of the food. This series of reaction processes is puffing. The common popcorn on the street is also made using the same principle, the difference is that the popcorn does not have a hard shell, and the source of pressure is a special pressure cooker. The unique pounding sound effect of popcorn is because when the pressure cooker is opened, the pressure in the pot is suddenly released, and the water in the rice grains instantly turns into gas, and the internal high-pressure gas is too late to release.

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