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Generally speaking, fresh noodles are more suitable for thick sauces because they can absorb sauces easily; while dry noodles can be matched with thick or light sauces. In terms of volume, thick noodles are suitable for thick-tasting sauces, while thin noodles are suitable for light and thin sauces. If you use Angel Hair fine noodles with thick cream sauce, you may feel greasy after a few bites, and the taste of the sauce is too strong, which completely covers the taste of the noodles, which is not a good combination. It should also be noted that for cooking egg noodles, seafood is not used; for seafood-based pasta, cheese is generally not added.

Of course, good food is the most important thing. Pasta is a decent European food that does not cost much. You can start by loving it, try to cook it yourself, and then experience the same temperament that people of different nationalities have from the food.

Macaroni Processing Line

Macaroni Processing Line

Cooking skills

1. Onion is really a must-have ingredient in western food. Whether it is curry rice or pasta, it tastes surprisingly good with onion, so I think onion must be present;

2. Tomato sauce is definitely an indispensable condiment for Western food. Whether it is French fries, burgers or pizza, it is inseparable from tomato sauce. Pasta is also the best tomato flavor;

3. Spaghetti is very difficult to cook. My method is to cook it in a pot under cold water. After the high heat is boiled, turn to medium and low heat, and it will be cooked quickly. Of course, it takes more time than Chinese noodles;

4. Cheese powder is a special seasoning for pasta. It doesn't matter if there is none.

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