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There are many types of dog food available on the market. The pet supplies section of the store is filled with various brands of dog food, and the pages about dog food on the Internet seem to have countless pages. Which one is correct? As a Pet Food Processing Line Supplier, share with you.

Pet Food Processing Line

Pet Food Processing Line

There was a very heated discussion among the dog owners. This discussion was about feeding the dogs. Different camps strongly admire what they think is the correct way of feeding. Some people are in favor of using finished dog food, some people feel that it is the right way to cook for their dogs, and some people feel that feeding their dogs raw food is the only correct way of feeding.

Whether it is eating finished dog food or eating food made by the owner, the dog can grow up healthily, and it is also possible to get sick. It is important to consider the needs of the dog and provide it with balanced, high-quality food. Which feeding method to choose depends on specific circumstances.

Finished dog food

Most dog owners believe in industrially produced dog food when it comes to feeding their dogs. A "staple food" should provide the dog with sufficient and balanced nutrition. As a further supplement, "complementary food" can make the meal more nutritious and balanced, such as adding some meat, cereals, oatmeal and mineral powder.

Staple dog food

The staple food dog food is divided into many kinds according to the dog's age, body size, activity type and other needs. Some organic products are available on the market, and those dogs suffering from allergies or other diseases can choose.

The valuable nutrients in dog food make it easier for dogs to accept and easier to digest.

Dry dog food

This dog food is made by high pressure, dehydration, puffing or extrusion and drying. After the high temperature, some nutrients, such as vitamins, have been lost, so they must be sprayed on afterwards. The fat is also sprayed on later, which can prevent the food from spoiling. The water content in this dog food is less than 15%. Dry dog food can be soaked with water before eating. This practice is especially recommended for those who have puppies at home.

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