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As a Pet Food Processing Line Supplier, share with you. Everyone is very confused about the dog food item, and it is simply annoying to choose a lot of dog food on the market.

The key is to eat into the stomach, any mistakes will directly affect the dog's health, of course, we must be more cautious! But to be clear, there is no best dog food, only the most suitable.

The raw materials and ingredients of dog food.

Main ingredient

The most important thing in the meat (animal protein) ingredient list is meat:

1. It would be better to have a clear name for the meat, such as chicken, poultry, animal meat

2. The top ones are usually higher

3. Different status: fresh meat, dried meat, meat meal, offal

Pet Food Machine

Pet Food Machine

The third point is that in general, fresh meat has a lot of water content, and the content of this type of meat in dog food after drying is not much, mainly relying on dried meat/meat as the main source of meat.

Plant fibers

Plant fiber helps defecation, but cannot be digested and absorbed, and the content does not need to be too high.

Excessive grains and potato substances will increase the burden of digestion, and grains are a source of allergies, so now more dog foods tend to not add grains.

Among these ingredients, unprocessed ones are better than processed ones, such as potatoes and potato flour. But it does not mean that the processed ones are not necessarily good. Sometimes one or two types will not affect the whole, but the processed fruits and vegetables cannot be the main part.


Some vitamins and minerals are also added to dog food. Long-term deficiency or overdose may cause various diseases.

Additives are always what everyone is most worried about. There are certain preservatives and preservatives in dog food, such as vitamin C, E rosemary, citric acid, mixed tocopherols, etc., which are natural preservatives, which will be healthier and safer.

Nutrient content

Generally, in addition to the raw material table, there will also be an analysis table of the nutrient ratio, indicating the content ratio of various substances.

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