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As a Pet Food Processing Line Supplier, I would like to share with you.

Most dogs are naturally fond of eating and are not very picky eaters. But if the pet owner overspoils and feeds the dog big fish and meat for a long time, the dog will naturally not like to eat plain dog food. Therefore, the pet owner needs to correct the dog's picky eaters in time to prevent the dog's nutritional imbalance from affecting physical development.

Pet Food Processing Line

Pet Food Processing Line

1. Properly stop and change dog food

The first is to replace a dog food with high meat content to increase palatability. And feed the dog food regularly every day. If the dog can't finish it within 15 minutes, just withdraw it. Don't give the dog any snacks or fruits during this period. Keep it for a few days. At the same time, you should also take your dog out for more activities to increase the amount of exercise and body calorie consumption. When the dog is tired and hungry, naturally, he will not be picky eaters.

2. Supplement digestive enzymes appropriately

If the dog still does not eat any dog food during the fasting period, continue to extend the fasting period. It is a problem for the dog to be hungry for a few days. During the period, you can feed some Wangxiang Xiaoshi tablets to supplement digestive enzymes to help dogs with poor appetite and indigestion. You can also feed some old yogurt to the dog, which can stimulate the dog's appetite.

3. Follow-up care

After correcting the dog's picky eaters, the pet owner must adjust the dog's diet in time, not just to eat meat for the dog, and not to eat a single dog food or meat for a long time. Attention should be paid to balanced nutrition and reasonable collocation. Appropriately add some fresh fruits and vegetables, supplement enough vitamins, avoid giving dogs human food, and do not treat snacks as regular meals to dogs to reduce the chance of picky eating.

In addition, the pet owner should also regularly feed the dog's pet cat to deworm, because too many internal parasites will destroy the intestinal environment, and then cause the dog to lose appetite and lose weight.

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