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As a Pet Food Processing Line Supplier, share with you.

1. Product features

(1) Look, touch, smell, taste

A high-quality dog food, after unpacking, you will see that the particles are full, the color is darker and even, and the texture is very tight after breaking, and the vegetarian fiber can be seen with the eyes; it feels rough to the touch, but it will not It is very greasy; take it to the nose and smell it, there is a light meat fragrance, without any musty, pungent, sour or strong aroma; it tastes relatively light and not too salty.

(2) Extent of puffing

Put the dog food on your hands. If there is a lot of residue on your hands, it means that the dog food is relatively brittle, high in puffing and low in density; if you feel sticky on your hands, there may be a problem with the quality of the dog food or the materials used, please buy with caution .

(3) Shelf life

The shelf life of dog food is not as long as possible. Generally speaking, high-quality dog food uses green and fresh ingredients, so the shelf life is generally not long. The long shelf life indicates more preservatives. It is recommended to choose a shelf life of 12 months as much as possible.

Dog Snacks Molding Machine

Dog Snacks Molding Machine

2. Nutritional ingredients

For a good dog food, its nutritional content must meet the required dog food standards.

(1) Crude protein (dog food for adult dogs ≥18%, dog food for puppies ≥22%): The protein content of dog food is 26%~32%, too high, it will easily lead to diarrhea. The protein is divided into animal protein and plant protein, and animal protein is easier to absorb.

(2) Fat (dog food for adult dogs ≥ 5%, dog food for puppies ≥ 8%): generally selected dog food, the crude fat is only 14% to 17%. Too high fat can cause soft stools, obesity, pancreatitis, etc.

(3) Coarse ash content (≤10%): The residue remaining after all organic substances are oxidized, which promotes the formation of stool, but it cannot exceed 10%.

(4) Crude fiber (≤9%): It can promote the dog's gastrointestinal motility and enhance the dog's digestive function.

(5) Calcium and phosphorus: It is recommended to keep it at 1.2:1. If it is too high, you must drink plenty of water for your dog, otherwise problems such as stones will easily occur.

(6) Water-soluble chloride (dog food for adult dogs ≥0.09%, dog food for puppies ≥0.45%): the lower the better, the content cannot be lower than the minimum value, because dogs need salt daily, but the highest is also It is not recommended to exceed 1%.

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