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Puffed food has been welcomed by many consumers for a long time due to its good taste, unique and diverse flavors, easy to carry, easy to eat, and long shelf life.

1. Nutritional cereal puffed food.

Fat, carbohydrate and protein are the main ingredients of traditional puffed food. In terms of composition, it belongs to foods with high fats, high calories, and low crude fiber. In addition, most of the traditional puffed foods contain more monosodium glutamate and salt, and food additives. Large and long-term consumption will cause high fat and calorie intake, insufficient nutrient intake, and easy to cause obesity. With the gradual improvement of people's consumption awareness, food nutrition has become the main concern of consumers for shopping. As a puffed food, the main problem in the development of the industry at present is to solve the nutrition of the product and change people's previous understanding of its "junk food".

Puff Snacks Extruder

Puff Snacks Extruder

2. Low-energy cereal puffed food

From the point of view of the composition structure, traditional cereal puffed foods are high in fat, high in calories, and low in crude fiber. Long-term consumption will cause high fat and calorie intake, insufficient nutrient intake, and easy to cause fat. Therefore, low energy is also an important development direction of snack foods.

Many Puffed Rice Forming Machines have a frying process in their processing. Therefore, their energy control is closely related to their fat content, which in turn depends on the absorption of fat during processing. Choosing a raw material with a high solid content can shorten the time required for frying, or the raw material can be dried or partially dried before frying to shorten the frying time. To control the oil absorption of the frying process, the temperature of the frying is also critical. The raw materials should be fried at the highest possible temperature to shorten the frying time and reduce oil absorption. In addition, the larger the surface area of the raw material, the greater the amount of oil absorption. Therefore, the oil content of the disc is low.

3.High-temperature puffing technology

High-temperature puffing is achieved by the circulation of hot air to vaporize the moisture, and then the whole puffing of animal feed. At present, there is a cereal puffed food produced by high-temperature puffing technology.

Compared with fried food made of fried puffed food, high temperature puffed oil has low oil content, the product contains no oil or less oil and is crisp and delicious. It has fast heating speed, short time, high product quality, uniform heating and equipment footprint Inferior characteristics. It is foreseeable that high-temperature puffing technology is one of the directions for the development of puffed food production technology.

As a Puff Snacks Extruder Supplier, share with you. The grain is the main food resource for human beings. The grain processing industry is responsible for providing basic dietary sources for human beings and ensuring human health. The cereal processing industry in the world today is moving towards the use of modern high technology, increasing the development of limited cereal resources and increasing the added value of cereal products.

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