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I believe that everyone will buy some delicious dog treats for their dogs during the process of raising dogs. However, there are still a lot of attention to buying and feeding dog treats. 

As a pet food machine supplier, I will share with you the tips for dogs snacks.

Dogs Snacks

Dogs Snacks


1. Choose Snacks for Pets.  

The owner should not simply take some of the snacks that we humans like to eat, such as candy, ice bullying, etc., for the dog to eat. The body structure of dogs, the nutrients they need for growth, and the food suitable for dogs are very different from those of humans. Especially the salt content of food is very different. For the health of the dog, please choose professional snacks suitable for the dog to eat.


2. Don't Often Give Your Dog Snacks.  

Don't let snacks replace staple foods. Snacks can be used as dietary supplements. For example, when training a dog, give it as a reward. Don't give it casual snacks at other times.  

On the other hand, let the dog know that you are the person who can decide whether to reward them with snacks and establish the prestige of their owner. Be especially careful not to give your dog snacks before eating the main meal, or put the snacks as the dressing of the main meal in the dog food for the dog to eat together, which tends to make the dog more picky.


3. Don't Develop the Habit of Regular Snacks for Dogs  

Don't feed your dog snacks at a fixed time every day, as this will make the dog mistakenly think that it is a regular meal, and become resistant to the regular meal over time. And once you don’t give your dog snacks at this point in time, the dog will even threaten you to give him snacks by yelling or acting coquettishly.

Dog Snacks Molding Machine

Dog Snacks Molding Machine


4. Don't Give your Dog a Single Snack   

Too much snacks for dogs can easily lead to unbalanced nutritional intake of dogs, and especially lead to obesity. Unreasonable snacks can also cause gastrointestinal problems in dogs. As the owner, the choice of dog snacks should also be diversified. Don't give dog biscuits or dried meat snacks alone. You can choose some functional snacks, such as snacks that can clean teeth and remove tartar. Some snacks take a long time to eat and can also help dogs pass boring time alone.


5. Pay Attention to Balanced Nutrition  

Dogs who often eat snacks will inevitably lead to nutritional imbalances due to the lack of some trace elements in the dog snacks, which will lead to picky eaters and anorexia. Parents can add some additional trace elements, vitamins, a variety of calcium, etc., which can well balance the nutrients needed by the dog's body.


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