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What should I do if my dog eats cat food by mistake? Is cat food harmful to dogs? As a pet food machine supplier, I'd like to share with you that tips.


Under normal circumstances, dogs can eat a small amount of cat food, and it is best to avoid long-term consumption. Because the composition of cat food and dog food are completely different, if the dog eats cat food frequently, it may cause fat accumulation, the weight will rise sharply, and it will also affect the dog's bone growth, so it is best not to let the dog eat cat food.


Can Dogs Eat Cat Food?

What is the Differences Between Cat Food and Dog Food?


Nutritional Differences

The nutritional content of cat food and dog food are different. Dogs originated from the omnivorous animal family, cats originated from carnivorous, so cats have a greater demand for protein, and the protein and fat content of cat food is higher than that of dog food.

Therefore, dogs who eat cat food for a long time will cause overnutrition and gain weight. Generally speaking, dogs raised in cities are relatively obese. Too obese is prone to diabetes, fatty liver, heart disease, and joints may also be affected.

Cats are easier to digest fat, and fat is their main source of energy, so the fat content in cat food is higher than that in dog food. And dog food has special requirements for animal fatty acids, which is different from that of dogs. In addition, because cats have a higher protein metabolism rate, they have higher requirements for vitamin B1 and B2 than dogs.


Composition Differences

The content of sodium chloride in cat food is higher, while the demand for sodium chloride in dogs is relatively small. Sodium chloride is also table salt. Dogs who consume excessive amounts of table salt for a long time may shed a lot of hair and tears, while in severe cases, they may affect the kidneys. Of course, the content of sodium chloride in cat food will not affect the kidneys.

Secondly, taurine is also added to cat food. Taurine helps cats’ eyesight, which is relatively difficult for dogs to digest.

Dogs are easier to adapt to high carbohydrates, but cat food definitely does not have such a proportion of ingredients, because cats eating high carbohydrates can cause digestive problems. So cat food contains less grains than dog food


Taste Differences

Dogs and cats have different tastes. Cat food is relatively hard, a bit coarse grain, and some have a fishy smell and are quite oily. Dog food is generally hard and tasteless.


Appearance Differences

Comparing the size of dog food and cat food, dog food is larger, and cat food is small. Moreover, according to relevant information, cats are more picky in eating than dogs. Therefore, many cat foods are made more delicate, for example, many cat foods are made into petal shapes.


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