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Recommendation About The Full Automatic Small Biscuit Machine

Full automatic small biscuit machine is equipped with hundreds of moulds and dozens of process recipes. The user can produce various best-selling biscuits, such as cream biscuit, biscuit, ultra-thin biscuit, biscuit, animal biscuits, multi-dimensional biscuits, and vegetable biscuits, etc. by changing the mould and adjusting the process formula.

Recommendation About The Full Automatic Small Biscuit Machine


Performance Characteristics of Small Biscuit Making Machine:

1. Full automatic small biscuit machine has a high level of automation, and can complete a series of complex processes such as molding, conveying, waste recovery, baking, oil injection, cooling and the like, and the process is high in efficiency and accurate in parameters, so that the high quality of the biscuit product can be ensured.

2. The parameters can be easily adjusted according to the production needs, the thickness of biscuits can be controlled, and the transportation speed can be adjusted stepless. In addition, automatic small biscuit making machine has a series of advanced safety devices, such as automatic temperature control, leakage automatic power outage alarm and so on, so the production process is safer.

3. PLC man-machine interface control, can choose to make various shapes such as dot, strip or line slice, and produce all kinds of biscuit with different shapes, so that the pattern can be easily changed according to the selection switch.

4. The lifting mechanism adopts high precision linear slide rail, with turbine lift, the overall structure is strong and running smoothly.

5. Hopper, roller, and flower nozzle can be quickly disassembled, easy to clean and replace, to meet the requirements of large-scale, batch, automatic and efficient production.

6. Full automatic small biscuit machine can be directly connected to the front-end processing line, or manual dumping of materials to meet small-scale, diversified production requirements.

7. According to the product characteristics, personalized design to avoid extrusion deformation of materials.

8. In the case of material congestion, stacking and steering failure, it can be proposed to ensure the continuity stability of the production package.

9. The multi-stage variable-frequency speed-regulating and servo drive control can be adopted, and can be arbitrarily adjusted according to the requirements of the user on the production speed.

10. Reduce manpower intervention, prevent food pollution, and reduce labor costs.


The biscuits produced by bakery biscuit-making machine are crispy, nutritious and easy to digest, and are loved by people of different ages at home and abroad. In addition, the residual material after biscuit molding can be reused to reduce the production cost and save resources, which is in line with the concept of sustainable development.

Recommendation About The Full Automatic Small Biscuit Machine


The biscuit production line is composed of:

1. Mixer: users choose different models according to the actual output.

2. Feeder: high-quality motor provides power, spiral feeding is efficient and reasonable.

3. Molding machine: users choose different models of molding mainframe according to the actual output, the output is different from 100kg/h--500kg/h,  corn flour, rice flour, flour, grain flour and so on can be raw materials.

4. Rotating separator: separates the edges and corners produced by shaping and cutting through rotation and billet.

5. Automatic double head seasoning line: seasoning the billet after screening, the whole process is carried out automatically and does not need manual operation.

6. Hoist: conveys biscuits to the oven, and the height of the hoist is determined according to the oven.

7. Multi-layer oven: the oven is mostly electric oven, the temperature is adjusted by the control cabinet between 0 degrees and 200 degrees, the inside is stainless steel double-layer net bag, the baking time can be adjusted according to the speed, there are three layers, five layers, seven layers stainless steel oven.

Recommendation About The Full Automatic Small Biscuit Machine


In recent years, in order to cater to the changes in consumer preferences, food manufacturers are committed to using new processing technology and equipment to keep their products in line with the trend .The biscuit-making machinery is a good choice.


Recommendation About The Full Automatic Small Biscuit Machine

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