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Puffed rice machine makes rice more nutritious

Puffed rice provides nutrition for humans

Rice is a staple food for half the world's population, but micronutrient deficiencies and malnutrition remain a serious global problem, especially for women, infants and schoolchildren. Vitamin A-rich "Golden Rice" is one example of efforts to add nutrition to rice to help address such deficiencies in the world's poor and hungry.

We can fortify puffed rice with vitamins and soy protein in breakfast cereals, snacks and school lunches.

Rice is a good source of energy but not very high in protein and micronutrients, what we can do is make puffed rice kernels which are fortified with a variety of nutrients to improve nutritional quality. We can add all the vitamins, proteins, iron and zinc.

The puffed rice machine allows producers to improve the economy of rice by using inexpensive ground grains that could otherwise be used in other foods or fed to animals.

Puffed foods 

Features and applications of puffed rice machine

1. The puffed rice machine is easy to operate and saves labor.

2. Puffed rice machine capacity: four or five times the traditional puffing machine, can be puffed coffee corn 6.5kg batch, wheat 7.5kg batch, rice 8kg batch.

3. Puffed rice machine puffing effect: the finished product is fully puffed, crispy taste, lively shape. Puffed rice machine to the maximum extent to maintain the original flavor, color and nutrients of raw materials.

4. Puffed rice machine is widely used: it is suitable for casual food factories, coffee shops, bakeries, beverage stores, restaurants, fruit and vegetable processing plants and condiment processing plants, etc.

5. Puffed rice machine is specifically suitable for a variety of coffee, rice, corn, barley, wheat, beans, corn, sorghum, millet, peanuts, sunflower seeds, sesame, chestnuts and other food puffing puffing, crispy taste and lively shape.

6. Puffed rice machine roller using insulating materials, the temperature inside the cylinder is not lost, fast, saving electricity and save costs. Puffing the same volume of raw materials, can save energy by one-third.

7. Puffed rice machine with thermometer and pressure gauge, automatic measurement of the temperature and pressure inside the tank.

8. Improved tank: the tank as a whole using cast steel materials, stronger and more durable than ordinary welding.

9. Puffed rice machine safety insurance: equipped with safety valve and snuff valve to ensure the safety of the producing process.

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