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The promotion of domestic Cereal Bar Machine products to high-end is also facing great difficulties: self-reliance is not strong, advanced skills rely on foreign countries; price vicious competition, the same products and plagiarism spread throughout; the fundamental development is relatively lagging behind, the basic parts, automation , Intelligent control system and testing instruments, machining and foundation production equipment significantly behind the host development. If you want domestic cereal bar equipment products to truly develop to the high end, you must first overcome these doubts.

With the improvement of social living standards, the post-80s and even post-90s who are increasingly seeking fashion, taste and characteristics have gradually become the main consumer groups. The intelligent, high-end and large-capacity cake display cabinets have become a trend. At the same time, the profits of the traditional two-door cake display cabinet malls are gradually diluting, forcing more manufacturers to actively expand into high-end, high value-added products and new technology. Various cereal bar equipment display cabinet companies are constantly improving the product line, stepping up technological innovation, and launching many multi-functional and practical high-end products.

Muesli Bar Machine

Muesli Bar Machine

Muesli Bar Machine, which must be cleaned frequently

1. Integrated weighing and packaging design: The electronic combined weighing and packaging machine operate in unison to increase the weighing and packaging speed.

2. High-precision, small target weighing: Choose the best combination, high-precision, high-speed combination.

3. Simple and high-speed operation: microcomputer control, touch screen display, convenient operation and maintenance.

4. Simple space: unique connection weighing and packaging design can greatly reduce the height of the machine and save space.

5. Accurate positioning: servo-controlled film pulling, precise film positioning; automatic eye tracking, accurate trademark positioning.

6. The rapid return on investment has largely saved a lot of raw material and labor costs.

Fresh milk or Muesli should be stored with care, otherwise, it will deteriorate easily. There is also a common situation. Although some chocolates have not expired, white frost appears on the surface, which is mostly caused by improper storage. If the storage environment is humid, the sugar in chocolate is easily dissolved by the moisture on the surface, and sugar crystals will be left after the moisture evaporates. The frosted chocolate on the surface can still be eaten, although it will lose the original mellow flavor and taste, it is not harmful to the human body. The optimal temperature for chocolate storage is 5 ° C ~ 18 ° C.

The shelf life of Muesli brand products is about one year, but the time will increase or decrease depending on the content. In particular, chocolate products with fresh milk (or higher milk content) and hazelnuts, because of the high unsaturated acid content, are easily oxidized by air, which relatively shortens the storage time of chocolate.

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