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Worldwide New Trends of Pasta Macaroni

Worldwide New Trends of Pasta Macaroni

There are many reasons why pasta is so popular. First of all, it’s almost obvious, because it is good, for the palate and for your health.

Wheat, water, passion and professional hands give birth to a product with some of the best organoleptic properties around the world. It is unique because it can be humble in taste, and yet even prepared in the simplest ways loved by everyone.

Nutritionists agree that pasta is a healthy food and that complex carbohydrates are essential for any diet. Especially when paired with other healthy foods (greens, vegetables, olive oil) found in a Mediterranean diet. The ease in which pasta and its variations are digested, such as pasta made from whole wheat, make it a versatile food, perfect for any age and even for those who choose, by choice or by necessity, to follow particular diets.

Pasta is also suitable to be added with other sustenance (bean or pea flours, quinoa, fortified flours) and become a nutraceutical/functional food to mitigate health problems (see the article in the next pages).

Now we supply professional production equipment to produce pasta macaroni, like Barilla, gnocchi, Conchiglie, Ditalini, Fusilli, penne, Radiatore, macaroni, Radiatori, rigatini, ruote, ziti, alphabets, etc.

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