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Why is the instant noodle wavy?

Wavy Instant Noodles

 Wavy instant noodles are a very common food in our daily life. In the production, the requirements for industrial instant noodle production lines are very high. Here Jinan Qunlong Machinery Co., Ltd. will explain how wavy instant noodles are made.


Noodle Mixing Machine

Mixing the ingredients well.


Roll Forming Machine

The press roller is equipped with a press roller gauge, which can adjust the press roller gap more precisely and the gauge is clear. By adjusting the roller gap, the thinness of the noodles can be adjusted.

Why is the instant noodle wavy?


Steaming Machine

Electricity is used to heat water to produce steam, and then steam is used to cook the noodles.

Why is the instant noodle wavy?


Cutting and Dividing Machine

Used to cut the noodles and adjust the frequency by controlling the size of the noodles.

Why is the instant noodle wavy?


Side Forming Machine


Why is the instant noodle wavy?

Frying Machine

Heating system with automatic temperature control

Shaping and making the noodles more crispy

 Why is the instant noodle wavy?


1. Convey to packing machine

2. Workers check the quality of noodles.

(During the shipment of finished products, workers can check the quality, integrity, color and appearance of noodles and pick unqualified products.)


Packing machine


Why is the instant noodle wavy?

Why is the instant noodle wavy?

1. The wavy shape of instant noodles can save space.

The volume of the bag or box is limited, if the instant noodles have a straight appearance, the volume of the same amount of instant noodles will be bigger and take up more space. From the perspective of cost saving, making instant noodles in a wavy shape.

2. Instant noodles belong to fried food, strength is not very special crisp.

If the instant noodles are made straight, they are especially easy to crush in the long-distance transportation process, and the crushed instant noodles are no longer convenient to eat. Therefore, in order to maintain the beauty and ensure that the instant noodles are not crushed in the transportation process, choose a strong pressure-resistant wave shape.

3. The third reason is that the wavy shape can increase the surface area of the instant noodles.

When cooking instant noodles, it is easy to soak away and speed up the cooking process. This saves time by not making people wait too long.

4. Reason 4, the wavy shape of instant noodles is also good for using chopsticks.

Long, straight instant noodles tend to slide off the chopsticks and spill soup, making it inconvenient to eat.

Why is the instant noodle wavy?

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