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Why Are Instant Noodles Wavy?

Instant noodles are one of the most influential inventions of the twentieth century. Because of its convenience and simplicity, it quickly opened up markets around the world. Have you found such a problem, instant noodles from the beginning of production until now are rolled, what is the mystery?

Why Are Instant Noodles Wavy?

Improve Efficiency

Making the surface of noodles wavy helps air flow during processing and makes it easier to dry and set the shape. The noodles are more elastic when cooked. The gap between the rolled noodles is larger, and during the steaming or frying process of the noodles, the rolled noodles can be better exposed to the oil or steam fully, which improves the processing efficiency of the convenience processing line.

Easy to Transport

The noodles are steamed by high temperature steam and then fried, so the instant noodles that are produced are also crispier. It is possible that with a casual folding, the instant noodles will be broken. And after the noodles are made, it needs to be transported to various cities, the transportation process is inevitably bumped, so the instant noodles are made into a wavy shape, it can avoid breaking and withstand greater pressure.

Save Packaging Space

Relatively speaking, the space of bagged instant noodles is larger than that of barrels. Barrels of instant noodles bottle mouth is still relatively small, the caliber of the barrel is limited, if it is straight instant noodles, simply can not put too much, the consumer can not eat enough. And the instant noodles made into a wavy, it can save a lot of space, it is very convenient to put the noodles into the package.

Convenient to Eat

I believe that usually you have eaten straight noodles, in the process of cooking, it is easy to stick together, in the instant noodles are curved, no matter how long cooked, they will not stick together. In addition, wavy instant noodles, the cooking process is also easier to cook, because the rolled surface gap is more easily heated evenly, so that the hot water can be in full contact with the noodles, brewing is also easier. Save waiting time.

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