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What Are the Ingredients Needed to Make Macaroni?

The macaroni process involves mixing wheat semolina or flour with water and extruding the dough into a specific shape, drying and packing durum wheat semolina or flour, alkaline flour or flour, or a mixture of both with eggs and water, and then other optional ingredients such as spinach, tomato herbs, etc. The mixture is essentially 25-30 kg of water per 100 kg of coarse flour. The mixture is kneaded through a screw extruder equipped with mixing paddles and kneading blades to obtain a homogeneous substance, which is then extruded through different shaped dies. The drying process is started immediately after the product is shaped to prevent deformation and sticking.


The macaroni is completely dried and shaped in a drying chamber and then prepared for packaging. In modern companies, dry macaroni is processed by automatic continuous laying.


What Are the Ingredients Needed to Make Macaroni?

Ingredients needed to make macaroni

In this, flour and water are mixed in a ratio of 3:1. The water should be pure, tasteless and suitable for drinking, and the temperature of the water should be around 35-45 degrees, which helps to speed up the observation. Then if eggs are added, the amount of water will change. The nutritional quality and richness of macaroni is achieved by adding eggs.


Raw material requirements

The correct amount of raw material is very important. Dosing of coarse-grained wheat flour is accomplished by: volumetric feed and weight feed. In a volumetric feed, a specific volume of coarse flour for a specific feed is measured by a variable speed screw or rotary airlock valve. There are several ways to determine the flow rate in weight feeds.

● Loss in weight feeds.

● In this, the change in weight of the hopper which the semolina is poured from indicates the semolina flow.

● Slanted surface system:

In this, the movement s of variable speed extraction elements are majored by the electronic devices and are converted to the semolina flow.


In this one specific portion of the belt is weighed and the speed of the belt is used to calculate the semolina flow. The correct amount of water needed for dough depends on the final shape of the Macaroni.

What Are the Ingredients Needed to Make Macaroni?


Macaroni Premix

Calculated amounts of water and coarse flour are mixed together in a premix to stiffen the dough. The traditional premix is a trough with a cylindrical cross-section under which a mixing shaft with blades is rotated.


Final Mixing

The final mixture is a trough with a shaft equipped with mixing blades. The shaft and blades are made of stainless steel. The shaft runs at a low speed of 70 rpm to mix the ingredients into a dough. The final mixing process basically takes 10-20 minutes.



This is a simultaneous shaping process that takes place in a few minutes. It takes place in an extruder, which is a slotted extrusion barrel equipped with an extrusion worm, which is a shaft with a deep threat around the core.



There are various types and shapes of dice that can be formed into different shapes of macaroni. Basically, macaroni is divided into two main categories long macaroni and short macaroni.



This is one of the most difficult and critical parts of making macaroni. When macaroni is dried quickly, it may break during and after the drying process.



The dried macaroni cellophane back has two packaging systems that are moisture-resistant, easy to use, and difficult to stack. First, the product is weighed, then it is sealed, tested, or opened with flaps and metal, double-checked for weight, and finally packed in large boxes.

What Are the Ingredients Needed to Make Macaroni?

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