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Do you know the production process of Pet Treats Processing Line?

Dog Treats Machine is mainly processed by double-screw dry extruder, which is more stable than ordinary single-screw extruder for processing dog food, because different formulas have different protein and fat content, and good dog food has higher protein and fat content. Since the material stays in the puffing cavity for a short time, it can be extruded and processed into dog food pellets if it is not fully cooked. Therefore, the high-configuration dog food formula is simply equipped with pre-quenching equipment to improve the maturity of the material and the digestion and absorption rate. The small dog food extruder uses a twin-screw extruder, and the minimum screw compression ratio is an aspect ratio of 1:19. With steam conditioner, dog food raw materials can stay for about 4 minutes under high temperature and high humidity environment, which is ten times longer than single screw. The protein and starch fats in the ingredients of dog food are fully gelatinized and matured over 95%. Meets the standards for finished dog food processing.

Do you know the production process of Pet Treats Processing Line?

Pet Treats Processing Line

The composition of the Pet Treats Processing Line is divided into two processes, dry production and wet production.

Dry production line: powder mixer-screw conveyor-puffing machine-air conveyor-dryer-batch weighing seasoning mixer

Wet production line: powder mixer-screw conveyor-modulator-puffing machine-dryer-batch weighing type flavoring mixer

In terms of production capacity, small dog food production lines have 120-150kg / h specifications, 200-300kg / h specifications, and 300-500kg / h specifications.


Dog food production line stand-alone

Raw material mixing part: 

There are high-speed powder mixer and ribbon mixer. The high-speed mixer stirs 50-100 kg of dog food raw materials at one time, and it can be mixed evenly in three minutes. The ribbon mixer is based on the capacity of 0.5m³, 1m³, 2m³ and other models. . Mixing 200-1000kg / h of dog food at a time, the investment is high, but it saves mixing time and labor input.

Screw conveyor: 

The screw conveyor mainly transports the mixed raw materials of dog food from the mixer to the puffing equipment. There are 114, 133, 141, 168 and other pipe diameters according to the needs of the output. Output 0.5-3t / h


It mainly mixes the material with high-temperature steam, quickly raises the material to be expanded to about 95 degrees, the animal material with the paddles tumbles in the body, and is fully mixed with the steam for 3-5 minutes. To achieve the purpose of gelatinization, the same equipment can also add ingredients such as meat sauce, oil and fat, to achieve automatic mixing and increase the protein and oil content of the protein ingredient. Avoid the situation of wasteful material mixing and unfavorable and preservation and transportation in advance. According to the requirements, there are two structural modes of single screw modulator and twin screw modulator. The dual-axis modulator is superior to the single-axis modulator in modulation technology, but the cost investment is high.

Dog food extruder: 

The dog food extruder is mainly a twin-screw extruder. According to the production capacity, it has 100kg / h dry production. The above is the wet method 250-300kg / h, 400-500kg / h. After the upgrade, the screws are combined Type screw 400-600kg, 800-1200kg, 1-5t / h extruder.

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