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  Straws can be Edible

       Can you imagine eating the straw in your Gin and Tonic or your Strawberry Daiquiri? It may seem like a strange idea, but it is now possible thanks to a biodegradable, edible and flavoured straw that does not taint the taste of the drink.

  The edible straws is the Pasta Straw. Who knew that a food product could solve one of the world’s biggest plastic pollution problems. Remember, over 500 million plastic straws are used in Ireland every year. Our solution? The Amazing Pasta Straw. They hold their strength and shape in cold drinks plus will decompose virtually overnight after being discarded. Who would have imagined that this problem could be solved with a simple piece of Pasta. That’s right – flour and water! Therefore, join with us and help end this environmental nightmare one straw at a time!!

  With several years of hard work and study, we have successfully developed the new machine to produce edible straws. More and more countries have focused more attention on the plastic pollution problem, so plastic products must be limited. Let’s start with a straw.

  For more details regarding Edible Straw Machine, please contact us for details.

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