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The birth of the Chocolate Coating Machine made making cookies a particularly simple task, which greatly improved the production efficiency of the cookie industry. The most important thing we need to pay attention to in the process of using a cookie machine is to reduce its environmental pollution, but how You may not know about reducing pollution. Next, Food Extruder Machine Supplier will explain it to everyone!

First, the higher the consumption efficiency request, the better. This can reduce the cost of producing biscuits and obtain more profits, while also shortening the construction period and meeting the delivery requirements. Secondly, we must adapt to product changes. Wafer biscuit machinery must have high flexibility and sensitivity. The consumption line allows the size of the mechanical objects to change within a certain size range, which can save costs to a large extent. Thirdly, the equipment should be checked and repaired regularly, and any faults or minor faults should be quickly removed. Finally, it is particularly important to minimize the environmental pollution of wafer biscuits machinery, including dust pollution and noise pollution, and reduce the waste generated by wafer biscuits machinery.

Chocolate Coating Machine

Chocolate Coating Machine

With the transformation of the country's industrial structure, the mechanization industry has become more and more important, and it has developed towards becoming a leading industry. The widespread use of wafer biscuits in the biscuit making industry is also unstoppable. Like other machines, the biscuit machine will definitely wear out during use. Everyone must check and repair the equipment in time to extend the service life of the equipment and reduce environmental pollution.

What you need to pay attention to when using a biscuit machine

If we use a small biscuit machine to make cookies at home, we must master the operation process and there are precautions. How to use the biscuit machine: After adding the dough to the biscuit machine, press it on the baking sheet, squeeze it hard, then pick it up, shake it twice, and the pattern will come down.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the following: first of all, you must press the baking tray or other hard objects, otherwise, the dough will be silk-filled, not into a flower shape; secondly, pay attention to the dryness and the humidity of the dough. If you have too much sex, you won't be able to shake it down; also pay attention to catch the other hand in a time when shaking, otherwise it will fall to the ground and waste.

A biscuit production line is a machine for making large quantities of biscuits and other foods at one time. The inside of the device is relatively complicated, and there are many details, and it should be cleaned regularly after use.

Only by mastering this, it is possible to make delicious and delicious cookies at home.

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