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Proper Use of Rajgira Ladoo Machine is to Protect it

Proper use of the Rajgira Ladoo Machine at work ensures safety and its longevity. So what are the correct ways to use Rajgira Ladoo Machine? Cereal Bar Machine Supplier is here to explain.

1. When the spiral groove is found to be blocked, do not stop immediately. It should be run for a while after stopping the feeding until it has a paste smell.

2. In the beginning, the nozzle can't spray out the finished product, which may be caused by the temperature of the nozzle is too high. Find out the reason and correct it in time.

3. After the work is over, be sure to idle the machine for one minute.

4. There must be no maintenance on the machinery, and there is regular cleaning of the machinery.

5. When placing the material, it should be placed evenly, and the material should be dry.

The above is the way to use Rajgira Ladoo Machine correctly, I hope these can help you.

Rajgira Ladoo Machine

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