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The Procedures of Granola Bar Production Line

Granola Bar Production Line

Dragons Machine offers complete lines to produce high-quality granola bars. The procedure involves mixing, forming, enrobing and cooling a continuous sheet that is slit and guillotined into bars.

Crunchy granola is made by baking and cooling a loosely compacted sheet of ingredients. The process relies on gentle handling and accurate heat transfer to achieve the ideal balance between product quality and efficient production.

The mixing process involves blending dry ingredients in a batch mixer and then dosing them into a continuous mixer along with oil and sugar to form a mass. The dry ingredients are mainly oats, although other grains or dried fruits and nuts are often added.

The mass is placed directly onto the infeed of the oven, where a spreader evenly distributes it across the full width of the band. A compression roll provides a final consolidation and gauging of the sheet before baking.

A slitter and guillotine after the cooling divides the sheet into individual bars, which are then conveyed to the wrapping machines.

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