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Precautions for installation and unloading of instant noodle machine

Precautions for installation and unloading of instant noodle machine

1. Before lifting and unloading, confirm the surrounding environment (including the determination of the loading and unloading area and the cleaning of the surrounding debris) and the transportation path, and the loading and unloading personnel strictly follow the safety loading and unloading rules and place warning devices.

2. Confirm the center of gravity of the machinery and equipment, understand the force situation of instant noodle machine and stick noodle equipment, and determine the lifting position above the center of gravity.

3. The capacity of the safety rope used for loading and unloading must be greater than the weight of the equipment.

4. In the process of loading and unloading, lifting, if there is a backlog of parts of machinery and equipment (such as shields, etc.), please remove them in advance and mark the corresponding parts of the equipment, and reinstall them after the equipment has fallen to the ground. Ground.

5. When lifting, the part of the wire rope in contact with the equipment must be padded with soft material to prevent damage to the equipment.

6. Clean up the site after operation and remove all fences and warning signs.

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Increased demand for instant noodles

The coronavirus pandemic has hit a variety of companies and industries worldwide, but instant noodle makers are the obvious beneficiaries of the national lockdown. With Asians being the largest consumers of the staple food, manufacturers in the region are standing out.

With more people staying home due to the blockade and social distance regulations, instant noodles are gaining renewed attention in the world's most populous country.

Declining population mobility has highlighted the importance of lower tier cities and rural markets, where consumer hoarding and preference for at-home dining is on the rise in the face of the epidemic. Consumers have a new appreciation for the safety and taste of instant noodles and the industry is growing significantly.

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